Think as you act

Checking validity of vehicle and whether driving with license or not is some what okay but implementing traffic rule in Bajo is beyond acception. I am worried seeing the road condition,street light, round about etc nothing is well maintained. Before implementing and dressing the rules mind it everything should be on track. Nu.1750/- does not matter but implementation of rules and regulation matters here. There is a process like first or second warning, instead of imposing fines on the spot  If you are human being at least mercy on them, you act as if you superior to any one. Think it over how you survive with your monthly salary when you impose fines on other of course is rule but there is exception.

Other side

I as a teacher, i am worried about them, parents are worried about them and the government is worried about them but student as an individual they do not worry about themselves. I  always tell my student that 'when somebody start worrying about you, why don't you worry for yourself'. Things are happening just opposite these days with students. When things are to be done they don't do it and those things which are prohibited seems to be out breaking. Are the students concern for themselves?, They simply walk to and fro within home and school and are the parents concern about their kids? maybe few but remember simply enrolling the child in the school will not enhance the total growth of your child. Teachers are trying their best however many children are seen and notified without the control of the parents.
In olden days children wanted to go to school but parents did not allow them as they were wanted to keep them to support their family in doing household chores however now the scene has changed parents send their children in the school but student they don't study seriously. Intentionally children pears holes at different parts of jeans and wears shorts although there are good and cheering clothes available. Our forefathers they used to wear shorts made out of leaves and animal's skin due to unavailability. Today's children learns negative views faster than positive altitude indeed they have inborn talent to know negative altitude. They intent to derive fruits, name and fame without hard work. 

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