Interview with Ugyen

Interviewer: Kuzangpo la Ugyen!
Ugyen: Hi Kuzu la
Interviewer: Please don't mine, I want to ask you few questions.
Ugyen: Its ok, you are welcome.
Interviewer: Sir! how long you have been teaching in this school?
Ugyen: Its almost five years now.
Interviewer: What subjects do you teach as of now
Ugyen: I have been teaching IX & X-physics for five years now. 11 physics for two years and 11 maths on substitution for one month la.
Interviewer: Did you go for paper moderation, evaluation and visiting examiner etc so far?
Ugyen: Yup! Visiting for three years, 12 physics evaluation once and none for paper moderation.
Interviewer: What advantages do you see as a science teacher as compare to other subjects?
Ugyen; Being a science teacher I have become stagnant now, because i did not attend any workshop so far. What I am teaching now is what I learnt from my institute.
Interviewer: Did you ever try for scholarship provided by RCSC?
Ugyen: Yes I did. Once for Trongsa Penlop and once for TICA scholarship Thailand.
Interviewer: Did you get selected?
Ugyen: No la, I was left stand by for 5 slots in TPS and 19th Position for TICA 2013.
Interviewer: Do you have any plan to continue your studies?
Ugyen: Yes, I want to do master either in mathematics or physics.Its challenging for me/teacher passed out before 2009 to attend any interview because we lose marks for not appearing rcsc eaxm where as teacher passed out after 2009, they get 5 marks extra for appearing rcsc exam. I am losing interest now, I think I have to go for other alternatives.
Interviewer: Are you satisfied being a teacher?
Ugyen: Of course, why not? Besides teaching carrying out so many responsibilities and activities itself is a hectic job. If teaching be simply classroom teaching that would be the better choice. When both academic and non-academic activities are to be carried out, we hardly get time to stand and stare.
Interviewer: Thank you for sparing your valuable time, see you later.
Ugyen: Thank you la, its my pleasure and I never mind because its happening once in a blue moon.

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