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Asseverate and writing in the blog is my hobby. It was through Facebook I saw few blogs that inspired me into blogging. One among was Passu diary which inspired me. I consulted him about creating blog and designing as I was having little knowledge on it. Thank you Passu for taking time to share your valuable wisdom on it. Now with the little ideas gained from you I am able to do it and now Google does everything for me except that I wish I could google  things when misplaced.
My blog address starts with the word "kingyen" derived from my wife's prefix name and my surname but only half part of it. kin from Kinzang and gyen from Ugyen which complicates to kingyen. The real meaning of is "king" meant for power and "yen" meant to do something. Therefore kingyen is power to do something and its for sure my power to write and share views in this blog. 

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