Dream Never dreamT beforE

I would like to thank the school administration for supporting through the process of my preparation  for the scholarship from 2010 till 2014. Finally the luck has favoured me and may be I am the luckiest among many since I got through the selection interview for TICA scholarship. As of now almost all the formalities are being processed and eagerly  waiting to hear the briefing date and date of departure from RCSC. Particularly, I want to salute for the Principal and the other two vice-principals for lending full hand support during the time of need. They have never been reluctant to support me in any way. This would be one of the memorable administrative support from such wise and farsighted leaders of school. To accomplished success in everything we desire for, support of leaders from the grassroot level is very mandatory. I am grateful  to two ADM assitant for their indigenous support rendered during the time of application. I also would like to thank all other teachers who has been very supportive and inspiring me to pursue further study.
One of the very special support that I like being in Bajo HSS is the Internet services provided in the school. Thank you Sir Passang Tshering for developing IT park in the school. You are doing great for the school, thumbs up!. Not to forget internet services were also provided by i-school, therefore I would like to thank MoE for selecting Bajo HSS as one of the i-school.
This will be my first and last privilege to go out of my country which is a dream I would have had dreamt after becoming a teacher.

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