Government Quarter

If the government could construct quarters for teachers and many other departments, the government will naturally generate revenue from it. There is no point of offering rent allowance to the civil servants. When we are paying to the government quarter, you see the money we get is offered by the government and this same money goes back to the government. The revenue cycle out here seems to be the most efficient one.
Suppose rich people after taking loan they construct buildings. Now who pays the loan? We civil servant by default has to rent their compartments and we pay them in the form of rent. Now who pay us? The government, which means the loan, is indirectly paid by the government. You see the logic here, does these money comes back to the government? No way! May be the government receives 5% to 10% in the form of taxes. At last who benefits?  Rich people because they generate income from it. That’s why in Bhutan, rich people are always becoming richer because the government is indirectly helping them.
Now it is high time for the government to analyze all these things and come up with new plan and solution so that there will be no discrepancy between poor and rich. I don’t get that exited when the government wants to provide us with rent allowances as well increase the salary. After all, there will be rent hike which is also currently happening. If the government pays us more than also we are not benefited since we have pay more rent to the rich. Government is not helping the lower and middle class people but helping the upper class people.
If there are enough government quarters, we might have to pay 50% less comparing to private quarters. Here we are benefited and the government is benefited because the government generates income which we get back in the form of salary. When we are paying to the private quarters, the total amount goes to the owner, we are loser and the government is also loser as well helper. Here income generated is private and government uses other sources to the civil servants.
Remember when there is no balance in the ecosystem what will happen? Supposing there are more number of tigers and do not have enough animals in which they have to depend on. Then tiger might start attacking people. Likewise, the government is attacked by the rich people in the name of poor. How long the government is going to keep on increasing the salary and help the poor with the present techniques having imbalanced money cycle. We are not the one who benefits, only the rich. We will still be suffering like before. In case of private building, the government pays the loan indirectly and the private owner owns the building. In case of government building, the government will pay the loan and the government will be the owner but this is not happening much in Bhutan. This is my personal opinion; I don’t intent to hurt anyone.

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