Action Vs Reaction

Finally after four years of service in teaching, I am going as an invigilator. However, there were few who are not happy with my nomination.  People never think how many workshop they have attended within a year. Still they thought of complaining and cancelling my nomination because I am going as visiting examiner. 
If you were in my shoe, I can’t imagine the way you will account on it. It would have been so harsh and unable to digest the word. I say this, since you are complaining about me that is also after nominating you as an invigilator, no matter how many workshop you attended till now. you said, understand bay-yee, what understand! what if you were rejected, instead i am lucky because you got it and otherwise.  

Provided that you are being awarded with some benefits, I think you will be awaken out of dead and also if you are dispossessed of those benefits, you will even squeal out in the dream.  Hope you may not have said intentionally but it got hurt really deep into my heart. After all, I think we are same and directed towards same direction; however there are things to be sorted out. May be your words were out due to slip of your tongue and remember I might have written due to my tarnished fingers.


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