Happy Vaccation!

?Exam ends for you today. Now, it’s the time to reap the fruit of your hard work which you have done throughout the year. Hope you all have done. The result totally depends on the intensity of the hard work that you have put in. your journey started since February 2013 and now the end of December 2013. Bit good bye to the year 2013 by stepping yourself to the next higher grade. Do not bit good bye to 2013 and welcome 2014 by staying in the same grade. Welcome year 2014 with full of fun and enjoyment with the upcoming world cup.
Every day is a new day and every year should be a new year. You all cannot afford to spend two different years in one grade. Your parents have helped you in every possible way. Your teachers have tried their level best; the government has helped you in all. Your friends have encouraged you. Now it is you to help yourself. Let see the results, the result that will embrace us with joy and laughter. We don’t want to see the result which will bog down with unhappiness. It is only the hard work that will let you shine in life. God will help those who help themselves.

As a teacher what we expect is the better marks from you. I only want to see you all with colourful result. Your parents have only one expectation that is they want you to go to next grade. Remember if you fail the hardship of teacher and the expenditure made by your parents and government has no meaning. Again you’re giving worries to your parents as well disheartened.  

Parents have taken care, bought you up, enrolled in school and the only expectation from you is they want to see you standing on your own feet. That’s it. After all they do not want to take away your job, your money, and your luxuries life but wanted to see you shining in the society.

Now it is winter, you know how much your parents love you. It is only time where you can help them in every bit and small ways. Help them do not trouble them. Do not let go yourself go into drugs and other nonsense activities. The gift of life is very fragile so take care yourself. Make this winter vacation a fruitful one. Wish everyone a good health. Go relax and enjoy the vacation. Take care and Good bye.JJJC

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