Believe it or not

Walnut n Handnail

As a child, I was never encouraged to crack a walnut and cut nail after the sunset, be it outside or inside the house. I clandestinely tried to crack walnuts several times, at odd hours, but this eerie belief of my parents and many others always hunted me and thwarted my endeavor. They said cracking walnuts and shortening hand nail after the sunset is tantamount to cracking one’s parents’ heads plus loosing life. Whether I believed in their belief or not, I haven’t cracked a single walnut after sunset so far. But now I know the logic behind and no more superstitious.
Empty containers
Early in the morning, if you happened to see empty containers, it is said to bring bad luck to the beholder. When I was student, my mind was always obsessed with this superstition; hence, I always prayed that empty containers don’t mess my mood very early in the morning. But unavoidably, I had encountered people carrying empty containers anything empty early in the morning, which upset my mood many a time. Many a time, I remember the consequences that I suffered from seeing empty baskets or containers, and my mind had been preoccupied to such superstition. On the other hand, if you meet people with full container then it brings you good luck and I have experienced few such consequences. Now also I still deem to this superstitious.
If you meet monkey early in the morning then it will surely bring you ill luck. Whatever works you do though out the day, it will be unsuccessful said by many ancestors to me. I still believe to it because I have gone though such consequences. For instant, I went for interview to Thimphu twice. There every time on the way above Thinleygang, I met group of monkeys and my interview did not get through. That’s why my mind had been doctrine to such superstition.  

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