Native Land

Today I was just going through my old diary of 2004 when I was in class 11 at Zhemgang HSS and found two poems written by me. So to record it I am jotting here.

A land of beautiful mountains,
Where the first ray of sun soothes,
In everyone's heart.
The rivers flows down the,
Black mountains and dense forest,
Appears in my dream.

People here are free and frank,
Love and affection is what they meant, 
Lives in tranquility.
Birds are flying over those green hills,
Cheerful are they, singing in joy,
Beholds in my sleep.

The peerless sunset over the peaks,
Mesmerize the visitors like facades,
Lives in peace and amity.
Cold breeze everywhere,
I lay around and wonder why,
But love my native land.

The memories of those scenery,
Would enlightened my soul,
As my life fades away.
Can I find eternal peace and love,
Somewhere, some how in my country,
You are only the gift,
For we the Bhutanese. 

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