She did better this time!

This year my daughter Kezang Chuki, performed her second cultural show on the stage on the night of 26 and 27 of September. I was much overwhelmed when class I A presented their show on the stage. The 15th item that appeared on the stage was 'DESI Boys'. Everyone in the hall screamed out and more over the concerned parents were filled with the tears of happiness, when their kids appeared in disguise on the stage with the unexpected beautiful dance. Thank you, Madam Asha Mongar for grooming our kids and we have seen the success in our kids.
Last year my daughter was in class PP A, during the annual concert she did performed a hindi dance and this year too she was in hindi dance but found bit better because the song has even English features too. However may be the program is, I am really touched with my daughter's performance, thank you teachers for you have trouble so much to invest the values and skills in the minds of our kids. Really it is a toughest job to deal with small kids. I found madam herself investing time for about a month. I salute for the teachers and god will see the truth.
This is what we teacher does and we are paid for. Earning a bread by being teacher has made much more challenging and scary at present by suing some teachers and principals to the court. This is how we are being rewarded. I think behind those  unexpected outcomes, it will have many good reasons for improving and grooming the children. If we really want to impart what we called wholesome education,then one must remember that disciplining student is very necessary in our schools. This is one key for developing a good human being in our society.
On the other hand, we teacher must also know that while disciplining  students, before things becomes complicated its better hand over students to their parents so that it helps in curving the problems and then rest will be taken care.


  1. Congrates to your daughter on behalf of me boss.

  2. Happiness is when we see our sweet beloved cute children performing adorably. Happy post Ugyen Sir. Hope your doting daughter surprises you more next time with tears of joy in your eyes. Hope everything is going well everyday. Take Care. :)


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