Preparation for IELTS

The October has been the busiest month of the year ever. Trial exam going on and the most worrying and scaring task for the upcoming IELTS exam on November 1.
Preparation for the IELTS is not a piece of cake. I have been preparing so far and still I find it difficult and it keeps me worrying.
Four sections of listening test are no more different than driving, where we need to work different skills, listening, analyzing and writing simultaneously at a time.
Three sections of passage is no different than a 100 m race, here we need to skim through the passage to get through 40 questions within 60 minutes.
Two sections of writing task i.e. 2 essays within 60 minutes and three sections of speaking test which last for 14 to 15 minutes.
I wish I had enough time for the preparation but now everything got rushed up at the last minute. May the luck favour me and pray for the God to bless me. However, I will do my best and rest might be taken care automatically.


  1. Do your best! Take it as if you are writing a blog post ;) All the best Ugyen!

  2. Thank you Rima for your moral support.

  3. All the best of luck bro. Hope you'll get through

  4. I am afraid, still then I hope so to get through..

  5. Take it easy man. But use your time judiciously. I know you can do it boss.


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