A father and Daughter's April Fool

I have decided not to get involve in writing and updating my blog although I have many tales to be written all the way from Bhutan to Thailand. This time I could not elude myself. Of course that day it was April 1 but I never thought it was a fooling day as nobody gave a shit here in Thailand. Those normal session of voice chatting in Wechat were continued as usual. Everyday I normally got responses from my wife, son and daughter. On this day, my daughter responded in voice chat stating that in her monthly test she scored highest in all the subjects among her friends in her class, III A in Kuenselphodrang Primary School, Thimphu. Even mother gave her Nu. 20 as a reward for her success and hard work in which she complained to me saying younger brother has used Nu. 15 leaving her only Nu. 5. So through voice chat I promised buying a gift for her when I return, she also demanded to open piggy account for her and I accepted it. 
I was overwhelmed with the news of my daughter's achievement. Guidance for her study was a hunt in me since there was no one to guide her apart from her normal class routine. However, to proved myself I asked her and wife to send me the snip of all the marks. I was amazed seeing her marks in Mathematics. She scored 9.75 out of 10 and I even shared with my close friends. On the other hand I have to further keep on insisting her to send marks of other subjects but she subjected in reasoning she did not get the paper, then I said how comes you know the marks but she supported informing me that she saw her marks on her teacher's table. 
I insisted my wife to check her marks in which had agreed to do so. Yesterday I became bit harsh and started voice chatting in a way of bit scolding type. My wife responded "Nga Meshey Choe rai Bum lu deda" I don't know ask your daughter. There came the response " Apa Nga Gi Choe April fool Zoyiba" Dad I made you April fool! Hahh! I was fool for 6 days. I am lucky to have you as an inspiring daughter. Thanks for bridging you and me with this memorable day. I write it wishing you will read it some day. 

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