National Day

I am proud to be born as Bhutanese. On this very auspicious day I and my family joins the nation to celebrate the 106th national day. Let us pray and wish long live to our Wangchuk dynasty for their hardship bravery. 


 Appearance of Drujegang resembles my home town. The life style, cultivation culture, crops grown and so on are similar like in my village. However the people out here aren’t that simple as people in my hometown. People here are of diverse origin. Many speak khengkha, Lotsamkha and some Ngalop. The fertility of the land/soil out here is not that good. Vegetables are not easily available here. Our team just got into this new place with lodging items but not with foodstuff, thinking that we might get everything out here. After reaching out here, we found ourselves nowhere. Everything out here seems so expensive and on top of that actually we don’t get the things that we need.

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