National Day

I am proud to be born as Bhutanese. On this very auspicious day I and my family joins the nation to celebrate the 106th national day. Let us pray and wish long live to our Wangchuk dynasty for their hardship bravery. 


 Appearance of Drujegang resembles my home town. The life style, cultivation culture, crops grown and so on are similar like in my village. However the people out here aren’t that simple as people in my hometown. People here are of diverse origin. Many speak khengkha, Lotsamkha and some Ngalop. The fertility of the land/soil out here is not that good. Vegetables are not easily available here. Our team just got into this new place with lodging items but not with foodstuff, thinking that we might get everything out here. After reaching out here, we found ourselves nowhere. Everything out here seems so expensive and on top of that actually we don’t get the things that we need.

Happy Vaccation!

?Exam ends for you today. Now, it’s the time to reap the fruit of your hard work which you have done throughout the year. Hope you all have done. The result totally depends on the intensity of the hard work that you have put in. your journey started since February 2013 and now the end of December 2013. Bit good bye to the year 2013 by stepping yourself to the next higher grade. Do not bit good bye to 2013 and welcome 2014 by staying in the same grade. Welcome year 2014 with full of fun and enjoyment with the upcoming world cup.


  1. 1.   Escorted junior boys and girls to Samtengang for inter school regional sports meet.
    2.  Escorted school archery team to Punakha for regional Archery tournament.
    3.  Visiting Examiner at YHSS, Thimphu for Physics Practical.
    4.  Invigilator for BHSCE and BCSE to Dagana at Drujegang.
    5.  As marker at CST for 12 physics.
    I have done with the paper correction of class 9 physics and still going on with 11 physics so that I will be prepared to go for invigilation duty.

Government Quarter

If the government could construct quarters for teachers and many other departments, the government will naturally generate revenue from it. There is no point of offering rent allowance to the civil servants. When we are paying to the government quarter, you see the money we get is offered by the government and this same money goes back to the government. The revenue cycle out here seems to be the most efficient one.

The currency value

The cost of onions and tomatoes in the vegetables market has been hiked beyond acception. Forget the cost hike of other commodities, it has gone beyond its horizon. I just wana to stress about the cost of tomatoes. Here in Wangduephodrang, the cost of tomatoes per kilogram is ngultrum 150/- as of today. Taking one thousand bugs enable me just to fetch a small bag of vegetables. Wow! Really is it the advance growth in the country’s economy or is it that the country is trailing its economy. Before 2008 a kilogram of tomatoes cost ngultrum 15/- where as now 150/-. There is fluctuation to the value of currency within. Now ngultrum 1000/- note just equalizes Nu. 100 before 2008. During my training period I was able to survive with 1500/- bugs stipend but now I am having difficult time to survive hand to mouth with 15000/- bugs. After 10 years, there will be 10,000 note to equalize the present 1000 note... and 20 to 30 years from now, we might need to carry a sack of money to buy one small thing.

Happy Birth Anniversary

11 November: I and my family join the people of Bhutan in celebrating this most auspicious occasion of the Birth Anniversary of His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuk – our divine blessing. I humbly offer my deepest prayers and wishes for the health, happiness and long life of our beloved Fourth Druk Gyalpo. Long Live Your Majesty.

Action Vs Reaction

Finally after four years of service in teaching, I am going as an invigilator. However, there were few who are not happy with my nomination.  People never think how many workshop they have attended within a year. Still they thought of complaining and cancelling my nomination because I am going as visiting examiner. 
If you were in my shoe, I can’t imagine the way you will account on it. It would have been so harsh and unable to digest the word. I say this, since you are complaining about me that is also after nominating you as an invigilator, no matter how many workshop you attended till now. you said, understand bay-yee, what understand! what if you were rejected, instead i am lucky because you got it and otherwise.  

Provided that you are being awarded with some benefits, I think you will be awaken out of dead and also if you are dispossessed of those benefits, you will even squeal out in the dream.  Hope you may not have said intentionally but it got hurt really deep into my heart. After all, I think we are same and directed towards same direction; however there are things to be sorted out. May be your words were out due to slip of your tongue and remember I might have written due to my tarnished fingers.

First Democratic Government


Now it is almost three years, I have not been to my village. As I see my village through Google earth, I am happy to see that my home town is now being connected with farm road. I also heard many are buying vehicles taking loan from the bank. I know that Dechhelingpas are humble and not that ambitious but now with the excess of road, they are becoming ambitious. Now it is high time for me to go back to my home town. I have lot many to do there with the connectivity of the road and excess of electricity. I would like to thank the DPT government for making our dream come true. Moreover, with the Gyelposhing- Nganglam highy way completion, I can’t imagine the life in Dechheling.

My Hometown

Dechheling– A valley of profound happiness
It is located about 40 km (estimated) distance north to Nganglam with Nganglam - Pemagatshel foot way running right through the valley. It is a clustered place with Dungpgu and Ngangray to the west, Martsala and Baapta in the East, Kholomri and Dungchelo to the north, villages with not too far apart from each other. The only river Pelingri runs down towards south right from the heart of the valley.

 Dechhelingpas are mostly humble, simple, hand-to-mouth and not very ambitious. All most all types of food crops and cash crops are cultivated by the people. Among all crops, maize and soybeans are the main food crop. Orange is the main cash crop but due introduction of Dungsum Cement Project, the growth of orange trees are declining. Now a days people there have started living urban life with little earning. Due to this dechhelingpas have even stop cultivating rice. People there typically speak sharchops which are quite different from the real sharchops. Probably most sharchops may not understand it. May be the spoken language has originated from sharkhalaktang because it resemble somewhat with it. Most of the houses are made of wood, bamboo and banana leaves. Now as the government and time has changed people there are changing and development are under progress.
Me as a student 
I was brought up in Dechheling, never being able to go out of its cocoon till I was 19 after which I finished my primary schooling from Dechheling Lower Secondary School. (I was admitted to school when I was only 11 years old!). Since I was the oldest and biggest, teachers used to appoint me as class captain. One funny thing I remember is, when my class member asks permission to go for toileting, I never used to send them unless one promises to bring me an eraser, a pencil or roasted maize and soybeans the next day.  haha…. During that time I was a excellent student where I got outstanding position i.e First position from classes, PP, I, II, III, IV, V, VI(74.3%), VII(2nd) and VIII(63%). I am not boosting myself because in a country of blind one eyed man is a king. 
Since I was academically sound many teachers liked me but on the other side of the coin wow I can’t imagine many girls were rushing after me. I used to get lot many girlfriends. Because of this I was canned in the assembly by the head master, I still remember his name Mr. Rinchen Gyeltshen. We used to have suggestion box in the school right in front of the office, however instead of leaving suggestion, those student who were jealous of me, what they did was they wrote the names of the couple and kept in the suggestion box. That’s why I was canned.
On the other hand it did not prevent me making girlfriend, when I was in class VIII, I made four girl friends. Now all of them are married and I too have two kids.  Thereafter, I was a boarding student in Sarpang (IXB 1st Position), (XC 3rd). When I was in class X, I did approach one girl but she rejected me, she is none other than Migma Dema Sherpa. Sakumtala Leepcha was one who had been admiring me but we could not be one. Thereafter in Zhemgang(XI Pure Science), (XII ISCE 67%) In class XI and XII I did not make any. Then one year apprentice in Trashiyangtse( Tshaling CPS) and then to Paro college of Education (Bachelor of Education Secondary). In my training period I did make one.

Currently I am a teacher in Bajothang Higher Secondary School. Now I have a small family.
Phanzor (A hill where prayer flags are being set), my birth place
My village. (Phan means prayer flag and zor means hill), consisting of 5-6 households, just lying at the base of Ngangraygonpa. I always feel the place too close and attached to me. It will never go out of me, not at least in my life time. Who would? After all it is my home town.
Meme Luchei ata was to be considered as head of the village. Every time when we got sick we used to seek help from him, he was only the doctor there during that time. If there were celebrations and festival we should consult him and offer him first, otherwise he used to get annoyed and scold us, and he was the boss there. However, he passed away a year back. I pray for his eternal peace and pray that he will come back soon as to serve people like us. 
My Family History 
My family background cannot be dug out as generations has been passed, however for the future reference of my kids I would like to states few information here. A family that had difficult time to survive hand to mouth was lead by a father named BOGAR and his wife PEMA CHODEN. They had maybe four kids where one got deceased and I was the youngest. I latter heard that when I was three years my mother got expired from poisoning. I tried to remember seeing mother at that age but I could not, so I have not seen my mother. My father, a simple man by nature , he had been supporting a lot but maybe I was too small to understand all abstract of life, later on he bought second wife. I did not have any idea about it. Someone said that I was a small kid and whenever he need to go for field works, there was no one to look after me, so that was his intent for the next attempt. Maybe I was 4 years that time, I have seen step mother carrying a baby boy, I don’t remember any information about it but I clearly remember the day when whole family went to stepmother’s parents residence carrying a whole dead body of a pig for the child birth celebration (This was a custom in olden days where after the birth of the child in the husband’s place, one should take child to wife’s parents with compulsorily killing one pig and carryout  the birth celebration around three to four days in wife’s parent residence).  Here the child that time was none other than my younger brother Kelzang Chedup, he is a teacher now.

We are four now, elder sister Dorji Zangmo got married to Pema Namgyel and they have two kids, both are farmer. Elder brother Guru Tenzin got married to Lungten Wangmo with two kids. He is a masion in KHPC Gyelposhing. Younger brother Kezang Chedup married to Sherab Zangmo with two kids. He is a teacher in Dechheling LSS Nganglam. I am married to Kinzang Choden and have two kids. I am also a teacher in Bajothang HSS in wangdue.

Happy Coronation

Happy coronation your Majesty, I pray for your long life and dedicate my self to serve the nation always.

who waits for me

He is two years now. What I am surprised about is, at this age he does not leave me alone and he does not want to be alone even at any instant of time. In the morning when I am off to my duty he is left crying because he wants to go along with me. During lunch time he will be eagerly waiting and looking through the window. When he just see me appearing just below the road, with delightful face he starts calling APA………….APA……… I get inspired seeing him. He is the source of inspiration for me and above all he is everything for me. But as I reach home, he will be standing right at the door with smiling face. He waits stills I unclothes myself but  then again he starts calling me Apa….Apa………about to be crying. Such cases were repeated many a times during lunch and after school. What is the reason behind? All his inspiration and smiley face shown has only one reason, that’s he want me to bring something to eat.

After school when I reach home, my baby boy wants to go for ride. He is much interested in moving out of home. Is it that I am keeping him always inside or am I outing him most?  At this age outing is everything for him.  To be continued…………………..

The Relics at Thimphu

I started my journey at around 4:00 AM on Sunday 20/10/2013 towards Thimphu, to get blessing from the sacred relics thinking that it would clean all my accumulated sins. I rushed, as I could speed up and finally arrived at RAPA around 6:30 AM. I joined the snaky line near the gate towards Tashichhodzong where the starting point of line was right at RAPA hall. It was chilled and cold but the line did not moved even an inch. 
Vehicles were speeding without any concern where most of the kids were crossing the road as they played with friends I was bit scared and I took care of my kids. Parents were lining up dying to receive blessing and vehicles were speedy dying to make money as they consider as their season. However some kids were left unattended. All were busy but found no security, no police, no nppf and no desuups. The security has failed their duty as the organizer has disorganized everything because public has waited as early as 3:00 AM but organizer and team seems be cool letting the public to wait in the cold for 6 hours. Within this time span an accident occurred where a boy lost one of his leg when a bolero car ran over it and thank god that time a traffic police came there and the public with frustration call on them the role of security. Still I waited with passion however I could not control my passion when I saw many a time people who arrive after me landed in the central line before me because they have a relative there even than I have no right to fight them individually because I went there with a good reason. 
These all happened due to lack of security. When it was 9:00 AM may be the team and organizer came to disclose the relics to the public that’s also with limited number of security. They were unable bring rushing public under control and see now the organizer who just came got frustrated for a second and stop the disclosing of the relics to the public. Organizer, you are so powerful because frustration for a second equalizes the frustration of public for more than six hours. Thank you organizer due to your failure public returned disappointed back home may all the ill feelings of the public accumulate in you.
 More over I am a teacher I will not get such opportunity because Sunday was only the day for me. I have to build my nation and I cannot spare separate time to received blessing from your relics keeping my student unattended. I am also bit concern about the media BBS, the news that you broadcast seems to have information as public failure and you did not show how public have suffered in the cold and heat. More media in Bhutan has to be encouraged because when media is monopoly there seems to be ignoring other side of the coin. I have decided not to be disclosed to the secret relics as it is as good as not receiving blessing because you see the ill feeling developed as mentioned as above.

However I am a Buddhist I cannot avoid receiving blessing from such a holy relics. Now I am blessed. The relics on the way to trashigang at Rabuna Wangdue, I have received chawang from the relics. Thank god I am satisfied.  

Ap Jai sa koi nahin

"A month back my kid was busy practicing a hindi dance for the annual school cultural concert.The first ever stage performance done by class PP-A of Tencholing Primary School including my 6 years daughter Kezang Chuki with an old hindi song Ap jai sa koi nahin. Everyone entered into the hall and cheered for the first show lead by the chair person. I and many parents eagerly waited for the second show (ap jai sa koi nahin) because those kids were presenting their show for the first time in their life after enrolling them in the school. Everyone in hall screamed out with an excitement when their kids appeared on the stage in disguised with make up in red skirt and white color shirt. I was having difficult time to identify my daughter and later  thank god she was dancing right in the front line. Thank madam Tshomo (class teacher of PP A) and her group for grooming my kid. You have open her eyes to see the world. 
I know its very difficult to control and teach small kids like mine. Some people think teaching is the duty of teacher which i never believe also i don't accept.  Teaching is a profession where all other profession are being taught. I don't want to focus on rather than to thank all teachers teaching class PP, I just want to say keep teaching because you know and keep going since you can. Unfortunately I am sorry I could not let my child to make the second show due to emergency (personal problem) has to go to Thimphu, although my kid is much more interested in the show".

Think as you act

Checking validity of vehicle and whether driving with license or not is some what okay but implementing traffic rule in Bajo is beyond acception. I am worried seeing the road condition,street light, round about etc nothing is well maintained. Before implementing and dressing the rules mind it everything should be on track. Nu.1750/- does not matter but implementation of rules and regulation matters here. There is a process like first or second warning, instead of imposing fines on the spot  If you are human being at least mercy on them, you act as if you superior to any one. Think it over how you survive with your monthly salary when you impose fines on other of course is rule but there is exception.

Other side

I as a teacher, i am worried about them, parents are worried about them and the government is worried about them but student as an individual they do not worry about themselves. I  always tell my student that 'when somebody start worrying about you, why don't you worry for yourself'. Things are happening just opposite these days with students. When things are to be done they don't do it and those things which are prohibited seems to be out breaking. Are the students concern for themselves?, They simply walk to and fro within home and school and are the parents concern about their kids? maybe few but remember simply enrolling the child in the school will not enhance the total growth of your child. Teachers are trying their best however many children are seen and notified without the control of the parents.
In olden days children wanted to go to school but parents did not allow them as they were wanted to keep them to support their family in doing household chores however now the scene has changed parents send their children in the school but student they don't study seriously. Intentionally children pears holes at different parts of jeans and wears shorts although there are good and cheering clothes available. Our forefathers they used to wear shorts made out of leaves and animal's skin due to unavailability. Today's children learns negative views faster than positive altitude indeed they have inborn talent to know negative altitude. They intent to derive fruits, name and fame without hard work. 


"Results were decleared but few student came and reported saying they did not see the expected candidate..........and there were few ups and downs....... election coordinator is trying to solve the problems" the serial number on the EVM and in the list were seen not matching where the votes of few candidates were declared in the name of other candidates. There were 16 girls nomination which were not fitted in one voting machine and two were on the other side i mean separate machine where most of the students left unseen. one was my nominee 'Wangmo' she has the quality of being one of the captain but she was unable to make it through. This is one failure in the part of the election coordinator in the school. you could have nominated that could be fitted in one voting machine.

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