The Magic Rice

It was on the third day of Songkarn festival, my friends and I went out to celebrate the day. There was an area allocated at the front door of the central world (shopping complex) where artificial bubbles out of water were blown over the place. People just need to get into the place and pop up their exaggeration with the celebrities on the stage. Reluctantly my friends and I were accompanied along by few other Japanese friends, indeed they were the one's who invited. We got into the area and started the water festival celebration. Ah.. I had tough time managing my spatial skills to demo myself to prove I could also shakes like them. Every half an hour a new group would occupy the place for celebration. We took rest for sometime and departed with hi bye. During this festival you don't need to know each other even a stranger would pour and shoot water at you, so you need to get ready with your water gun. By the time you get home you would be already soaked with water.
You would be wondering by now why I am not emphasizing on about the magic rice, it was during this day I got totally soaked with water and finally saw my iphone too soaked with water.
I was panic with my phone. I could not do anything instead I connected to charger and attempted many times to restart by pressing the power button but  turns out to be ineffective which actually I was not suppose to do as it could lead to short circuit and further damage it. By the time it was evening I could not do anything. The next day I rushed to the retailer where I found it was closed. I never wanted it to be repaired by other retailer because I wanted it to be repaired by the same retailer from where it was bought.
I was disconnected a day and a night now, so I thought why can't I look for solution in the web because iphone is bit completed to be handled. While browsing through the  web I saw many cases like mine and I found two solution. One of the method was to keep the iphone fully covered in the silica gel for two to three days and then to restart it, but it was difficult for me to get the silica gel.
The other method I saw was to keep the soaked iphone in the rice fully covered in a air tight container for about 48 hours. I opted for this method. First I filled the container with rice and inserted my iphone into the rice in a bit slanting angle. I could not wait for 48 hours, however I manage to keep it for 24 hours. I was still panicking so I thought if it is still not working I would prefer to see the retailer. I took it out of rice after 24 hours and pressed the button but didn't, I connected to the charger. Wow this time it started as normal, I checked camera and other setting and it worked. This is the Magic of rice. Really it helped me guys! I hereby acknowledge all clients who have had shared the ideas and solutions in the web.

A father and Daughter's April Fool

I have decided not to get involve in writing and updating my blog although I have many tales to be written all the way from Bhutan to Thailand. This time I could not elude myself. Of course that day it was April 1 but I never thought it was a fooling day as nobody gave a shit here in Thailand. Those normal session of voice chatting in Wechat were continued as usual. Everyday I normally got responses from my wife, son and daughter. On this day, my daughter responded in voice chat stating that in her monthly test she scored highest in all the subjects among her friends in her class, III A in Kuenselphodrang Primary School, Thimphu. Even mother gave her Nu. 20 as a reward for her success and hard work in which she complained to me saying younger brother has used Nu. 15 leaving her only Nu. 5. So through voice chat I promised buying a gift for her when I return, she also demanded to open piggy account for her and I accepted it. 
I was overwhelmed with the news of my daughter's achievement. Guidance for her study was a hunt in me since there was no one to guide her apart from her normal class routine. However, to proved myself I asked her and wife to send me the snip of all the marks. I was amazed seeing her marks in Mathematics. She scored 9.75 out of 10 and I even shared with my close friends. On the other hand I have to further keep on insisting her to send marks of other subjects but she subjected in reasoning she did not get the paper, then I said how comes you know the marks but she supported informing me that she saw her marks on her teacher's table. 
I insisted my wife to check her marks in which had agreed to do so. Yesterday I became bit harsh and started voice chatting in a way of bit scolding type. My wife responded "Nga Meshey Choe rai Bum lu deda" I don't know ask your daughter. There came the response " Apa Nga Gi Choe April fool Zoyiba" Dad I made you April fool! Hahh! I was fool for 6 days. I am lucky to have you as an inspiring daughter. Thanks for bridging you and me with this memorable day. I write it wishing you will read it some day. 

I was the Cheif Guset for the day

On November 11, 2015, I woke up early in the morning to pay my heartfelt tribute to my beloved king the fourth Druk Gyalpo of Bhutan by offering butter lamps as the entire country would be doing so for the day, it was the grand celebrations of His Majesty's 60th birth anniversary.  It was 8:00 am by then when I finished offering butter lamps and prayers in the choesham. Suddenly there was a ringing in my mobile and I saw an unknown number calling. Suspiciously I received it and it was the principal calling from my apprentice school in Trashiyangtse (Tsaling Community School) inviting me as the chief guest for the daylong celebrations. He said the pre-arranged chief guest has cancelled due to unavoidable emergency. The principal wanted me to be the chief guest as many communities would know me better, so I reluctantly accepted the offer and hurriedly continued to proceed to the school for it was getting late.
There in the school all students and parents were gathered in the ground that was bit small to fit them all. I was warmly received by the principal and few teachers. We proceeded towards the celebrations ground. I did hoist the national flag singing the national anthem by all. I was supposed to give the speech to the gatherings according to the principal but I was not prepared so I landed talking bit about my personal story.  
Respected principal, teachers, parents and you my dear students, I am very much privilege and honored to be here today. I thank you all for welcoming me in this historic moment of celebrations. Today as we celebrate the 60th birth anniversary of the fourth king, we would like offer our sincere prayers and dedications to his majesty the king. Long live our king and may we always enjoy happiness under the reign our benevolent king. Today I would like to share to you all the bitter life experiences of mine because it was the king who eradicated all those difficult situations and blessed us with the happiness.
When I was in my primary school I saw many non-nationals working in the school construction side. I did question my relatives as well elders about who were they and from where they come from. They would answer me saying that those are neras (non-nationals). As the construction of BHUs and schools increased drastically for the betterment of the localities in my place whereby number of non-nationals workers mostly from Assam in India pop up in our areas. Gradually those people got temporarily settled in our place I say this because they would go back to their home for about a week and return back to their work place. Later I saw those laborers bringing their families with them and living together happily. They could easily learn our local language and we did learn theirs too.
They enjoyed the happiness of our land. In their land they would not imagine what could happen next and if they can make to wake up the next day that could mean a new life for them. Those laborers might have shared the greener part of life in our land while went back to their home. The numbers of workers continued to increase day by day in the construction site and the scenario continued for years.
My village is found of growing oranges at large scale since the beginning of our ancestors. The only large scale business of our people was selling of oranges. Nganglam was the nearest town /market and nearest head quarter too for the people of my village. Early in the morning at the first cock’s crow people will start feeding horses and preparing pack lunch for the day. Before the dawn people would load oranges to the horses, loading them too and start their journey which could take those three to four hours to reach nganglam for the auctions of the oranges. The oranges venders were millionaire from Assam and also the FCB (Food Cooperation of Bhutan). The auctioning of orange would another three to four hours. At the auctioning place we could see many non-nationals both good and bad.
I was too accompanied in the business of selling oranges with my family during winter vacation. I was overwhelmed to see many big trucks coming and returning back with orange load. During that juncture of time I saw three to four trucks coming from their business too. The doors of those trucks were bulleted (printing of bullet left after shooting) and the cracking of wind glass made much difficult for divers to drive. Later we came to know that those trucks were robbed on their way back from business. Starting that day I sensed out mischievous happening around the borders in our place too because we don’t have road connectivity to any other parts of the country otherwise need to cross the border if we were to travel by vehicle.
I would not continued the prolonging story of mine because the very charm of being chief guest is losing but the gist is that, this was a little beginning of how those terrorist  got camp into our place. If you want to know the complete story please visit my blog @ For now I want to share the major incidences happened when I was in class seven and eight.  By this time it was too late to realize about it. The camp and terrorist count has already proliferated mostly in the vicinity of kangrezi and aumshiwoong (camping place). By morning at around seven we would see many families mostly wives with food stuffs arrived at Tsengkari (nearest road point to the camp area). Latter we came to know that those women started their travel from their home town at around one o’clock in the morning. Those armor terrorist would come to that point to collect their stuffs and their wives would return home (Rangapani  and Dawoodar) from there. The issue was growing severe then, the king, country and the people were in tense. We came to know those terrorist were ALFAs and BODOs, they started entering into our villages with guns scaring people around. People were forced to sell hens, cocks, pigs and other food items to them and the people did not have the choice. They came to the paddy field nearby our school and saw having picnic in vast group. One time I and my friends saw them in our football ground tying a pig to goal post and shooting bullet with a gun without mercy. People were ordered not to sell anything to them but at times situation was becoming worse. People could not carry out their normal activities and nothing was successful under tense.
One time a patrolling group inclusive of six police personnel of ours in Nganglam was killed manually by tying them to trees cutting neck and other limbs thrown here and there. In the September month of the year 2000 ten people of all gender of which six were students killed at the border by the terrorist. Mr. Pema (name changed) a huge and handsome friend of mine lost his life in that incident. He went for no business but just to photograph his half photo because he was in class eight, half photo was needed for his board exam (LSSCE). My younger brother also initially planned to along with him to get a kilogram of pork but left back because he could not manage the amount from brother. During that time I too was in Nganglam. All the parents and relatives came to Nganglam. Hue and cry of parents sitting by the road waiting for the dead bodies was really a hell. I was left dumb and numbness filled my eyes with full of tears. Our only protective guardians the Royal Bhutan Army after day long rescue works brought back all the deceased bodies and presented to the respected parents, the hell of hue and cry continued.
The very next morning the people were overwhelmed and blessed to see in the crowed of hue and cry a man was consoling like parents, holding the lost parents like mother and reassuring courage to every individual and as I watched by my sight I discovered deep inside him a true sadness more than the lost parents. This indicated that he took away all agony for himself. This was my first time to see him in my life. Incident happened just yesterday afternoon and next morning he made it to the situation, I can’t believe if anybody could do that all the way from capital, I guess he travelled whole night through Indian boarder scarifying his own life for people. He was none other than the  Fourth King. So this is the little thing I wanted share how our kings have been scarifying for the people and country. Even after that the scenario of agony continued in our place and the king has to visit time and again till the end of 2003. At one moment in the year 2002 when I was returning back home from sarpang HSS for vacation got trapped in the bodo land. We were asked to get down from the lorry and we were force to line up girls started shivering. Boys were dump for a moment. Three men were carrying guns around us. The truck driver was taken inside their room. Luckily they warned us and did not shoot. Driver was release and we drove towards home after an hour long torture. It was really a hell.
So today as we celebrate the 60th birth anniversary of fourth king, on the behalf of the people and my own behalf I would like to express our longing heartfelt gratitude to your majesty for being bravery of the land. You took us out of hell and placed us in the land of heaven. Our people are growing and so many developmental are growing in nganglam. Economic and Life standard has improved at present. Industries are growing, markets and educations are growing. People are enjoying the happiness, children are enjoying the opportunities. We can travel safely through border and if not we can travel via Pemagatshel, Panbang and Monggar too. So I did travel to your school via Monggar peacefully. Thank you principal, teachers and parents for inviting me as your chief guest and for being my wonderful audience as we celebrate the birth anniversary of fourth king.We are having the heavenly life because of your bravery war 2003 (separate story@ ). Long live our bravery king. So today while we say Pelden Drukpa Gyello instead of raising one hand we will raise both the hands I said. So we said  Pelden Drukpa Gyello, Pelden Drukpa Gyello and I saw all were raising their hands proudly but my hands did not seems to raising up what possible way I tried, finally I took out all my vigor I did it to raise up my hand up and sensed myself pushing blanket up on my bed. Wow what a wonderful dream I had and it was time to attend the same celebration in Bhutanese embassy in Bangkok.

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