Ambition in my life

Dreams are part of our life but to accomplish it as per our wish in life is not everybody’s cake. People have their own dream and aspirations. Sometimes an individual has to conclude their ambition based upon the decision of their parents .This could be one of the  key factor that imbalances personal interest and work force opportunities in our society. As an individual I did have a dream to become an engineer once in a life time. After completion of the secondary education I did not qualify for what I was dreaming for. But to the field of my interest, I opted to join Polytechnic, mean while it did not work due to the contradiction between my interest and brother's option. He wanted me to become a teacher and eventually I had to. That's way 'you don't need a plan, you just breath, trust, let go and see what happens.' Even after getting into the profession, the extinct of becoming an engineer did not died out from my mind. Instead it kept on clicking in my mind because I found many friends of mine earning better bread by being an engineer, those got graduated from polytechnic. After all I think money matters a lot.
As a teacher it has become a mandatory tool for us to upgrade qualification as it has become difficult to sustain ourselves and challenging to survive with degree qualification in this profession is too fragile. For this very reason, I did apply for Master of Science in Physics under TICA scholarship program in Bhutan. I got through the interview July last year. In February this year I got the confirmation and acceptance letter from Mahidol University in Thailand.
This time I was astonished to see that the course Master of Science in Physics has changed to Master of Science in Materials science and engineering. It brought me an immense inspiration because the course would be similar to my ambition to become an engineer. Since I am going to study in the related field of engineering, I don’t regret for not being able to accomplish my ambition to become an engineer. I will do my best and leave the rest for the God.
I would like to thank the Royal Government of Bhutan for providing free education in particular Ministry of Education and RCSC for offering the opportunity. Moreover, I would also like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to the Thai government and Mahidol University for considering me under their full scholarship programme.


v  Dechheling Lower Secondary School
v  1993 I was enrolled in class PP in Dechheling Primary School. 1994 Class I, 1995 Class II, 1996 Class III, 1997 Class IV, 1998 Class V, 1999 Class VI (board Exam), 2000 Class VII, 2001 Class VIII (LSSCE).
v  Sarpang Higher Secondary School

v  2002 Class IX, 2003 Class X (BCSE )
v  Zhemgang Higher Secondary School

v  2004 Class XI, 2005 Class XII Science (ISCE)
v  Trashiyangtse Dzongkhag

v  2006 Apprentice Teacher at Tsaling CPS
v  Paro College of Education

v  2007 to 2009 Bachelor of Secondary Education at PCE
v  Wangduephodrang Dzongkhang

v  2010 to 2015 June Teacher at Bajothang HSS
v  Thailand

v  2015 July to 2017 July M.Sc in Materials Science and Engineering at Mahidol University. It took almost 24 years to bring me at this stage of my career and personal growing. I am much indebted to the Royal Government and the bravery Kings of Bhutan.

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