Education has no bar and no age limit

Education has no bar and no age limit. When my wife heard that some of her friends were learning English since long time back. She has shown her keen interest to pursue the same.  She has joined class with her friends. The class starts from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM in one of the class at Bajothang HSS lead by a NFE instructor.  She was suggesting me saying that, what about if she joins her friends to learn English? I said that will be a better solution for you. At this present day and age, not knowing how to sign and write name is an embarrassment. This is how you can grow and change. Eventually you will see that sometimes you have a brighter scene on the other side of the world. You will grow stronger from all that you experience. Life is so precious and fragile too. Limiting to this life, as morning dew drop not sure when to vanish, it is very important to make your life awesome and define its meaning. I am happy that you are taking better steps. I will now onwards come home before time so that you can ready to your class session.
I continued my story then, “do you know how I got my education? Besides poor background and family problems, I still manage to get education. I don’t remember my mother. Carried in the womb for nine months and given birth is enough for me. I salute my mother. I guess my father had difficult time to manage and earn for the family, besides sister looking after me and brother attending school. Yearning for better family scene he might have opted for his second wife.  During that time, I guess I was five years old and knew to interpret everything. She gave birth to a baby boy and later on became my step brother, which I use to consider no more than my own brother. When I saw friends of my age enrolling into the school, I cried like anything, because I wanted to go to school but my father refused. I was left without schooling for five more years. That many years I have been looking after my step brother. As he grew up we have wonderful time. We played, we fought and we cried.
When my step brother was six years old, I was eleven years old. He was lucky this time because father wanted him to go to school. On March 10th 1992, father was taking him to the school. I ran after them and cried like anything, because I wanted to join school. Head master and teachers were kind enough and comforted me saying that they will look into the situation. But, that time age limit for enrolling in the school was 9 years. I was eleven years and I guess admission committee member, I still remember sir PELA. He has rejected me since my age was more than the age limit. Since I was genuinely interested, my father went to the BHU and did change my date of birth. After that I was enrolled in preprimary. This is how I started my education. Even now our government preferred and continues to provide free education. Our age and present age is totally different. So it will be wise on your part to proceed ahead.
Now she has been to the class thrice. She can writes 26 alphabets correctly. Know to spell words like morning, afternoon and evening. She has started a journey of thousand miles by a single step. She has regrets over missing her education. However, not to have regret, she is taking hold of the freedom being offered. I wish her good luck.

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