One of the awaited dreams of the civil servants is still pending. The second parliament has left the salary revision to the mercy of second pay commission. With hundred and one reasons it was defended on the basis of economic crisis in the country. Few days back there were rumors out to the public through media, however later the finance minister through the media again made the point clear stating that there has not been any discussion on the pay revision.

Legacy of my Life

Chapter one
The life was hard for him. He vividly realized when he was four to five years.  He found himself in his group playing in the dust. His runny nose and his sleeve of shirt turn into hard swathe while trying to control his ominous runny nose. Many of his friends were found wearing expensive and beautiful clothes. But his was a shirt resembling gown. He has to cover his whole body with this shirt having difficult time covering his lower abdomen of the body. He has to use same throughout day and night until he gets the next. Even the louse started settling in every hook and corner of his shirt. He has no choice rather than to let them settle as the chilled winter approaches. 

Interview with Ugyen

Interviewer: Kuzangpo la Ugyen!
Ugyen: Hi Kuzu la
Interviewer: Please don't mine, I want to ask you few questions.
Ugyen: Its ok, you are welcome.
Interviewer: Sir! how long you have been teaching in this school?
Ugyen: Its almost five years now.
Interviewer: What subjects do you teach as of now
Ugyen: I have been teaching IX & X-physics for five years now. 11 physics for two years and 11 maths on substitution for one month la.
Interviewer: Did you go for paper moderation, evaluation and visiting examiner etc so far?
Ugyen: Yup! Visiting for three years, 12 physics evaluation once and none for paper moderation.
Interviewer: What advantages do you see as a science teacher as compare to other subjects?
Ugyen; Being a science teacher I have become stagnant now, because i did not attend any workshop so far. What I am teaching now is what I learnt from my institute.
Interviewer: Did you ever try for scholarship provided by RCSC?
Ugyen: Yes I did. Once for Trongsa Penlop and once for TICA scholarship Thailand.
Interviewer: Did you get selected?
Ugyen: No la, I was left stand by for 5 slots in TPS and 19th Position for TICA 2013.
Interviewer: Do you have any plan to continue your studies?
Ugyen: Yes, I want to do master either in mathematics or physics.Its challenging for me/teacher passed out before 2009 to attend any interview because we lose marks for not appearing rcsc eaxm where as teacher passed out after 2009, they get 5 marks extra for appearing rcsc exam. I am losing interest now, I think I have to go for other alternatives.
Interviewer: Are you satisfied being a teacher?
Ugyen: Of course, why not? Besides teaching carrying out so many responsibilities and activities itself is a hectic job. If teaching be simply classroom teaching that would be the better choice. When both academic and non-academic activities are to be carried out, we hardly get time to stand and stare.
Interviewer: Thank you for sparing your valuable time, see you later.
Ugyen: Thank you la, its my pleasure and I never mind because its happening once in a blue moon.

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