Today is Monday December 15, 2014 and that day was Monday December 15, 2003. After eleven years I still remember the episode. As we commemorate the 60th Birth anniversary of the fourth king, I would like to bestow this confrontation as tribute to the nation.
My BCSE exam of class X at Sarpang Higher Secondary School ended on December 13, 2003. All students were relieved from the burdens that were conceded in their mind throughout the year. Every person was just saying it’s over now. The day after was farewell party for class Xs out going students. Outgoing students were excited about it; teachers and captains were busy preparing for it. I and my friends were agitated, moving here and there shouted to the highest pitch and loudness for our battle of the year had ended.
It was almost dark and about 7:30 PM after dinner. Warden came into our room and announced “those of you coming from Nganglam are suppose to leave home by tomorrow morning, please get your things ready, do not wait for the farewell”. With no reason, our group was ready for the journey the next day. However, I and my friends were not that happy to leave school early because we would be missing the eventful farewell.
The next day we started our journey by lorry from Gelephu gateway. Sitting at the rear of the truck, some enjoying the scene, some sleeping, some shouting and teasing, some still murmuring about the farewell party specially Mr. Tshering was not contented because he had been serving foodstuff for the school pigs throughout the year, the bigger pig was slaughtered for the fare well. He felt horrific for himself for not being able to have share of it.
After travelling seven hours through west Bengal and Assam of India, we reached at the boarder gate of Nganglam. Everything was peaceful and clam there. Under the fear of meeting elephants on the way and even with the fear of ULFA & BODOs, we walk home that evening only that took us two and half hours to reach Dechheling (home town).  At around 9:30 PM at night we reach Bapta(village) where we all friends have to get disperse into different routes to our separate homes. We wished each other good night and got departed.
By 10’oclock I reach home and I found my only step mother chanting mantra (Om mani pedma hung ri). I had dinner which she had taken already with the ara (local wine) she prepared specially for two of us i.e her son and me. We did chat little about how and where about, and then went to sleep that night.
The next day (15th December 2003) the usual activity of the people there were going on by the subsequent crow of the roaster, people started to cook and load oranges on their horses to reach down at Nganglam for their daily business of selling oranges. By the morning star half of the population of the village will be left for the business especially during winter season. During that day early in the morning at around 10 o’clock , father- in low of my brother came to see me at my house, step mother prepared bangchang (locally made wine) with ara, we sat to chat, relax and simultaneously drinking bangchang.
Within 15 minutes (10:15 AM) the thud of gun firing were heard from the base camp of ulpha and bodos that lie about 5 to 10 km away from my village. I was scared and thought that these terrorist might be torturing our people on the way to their business. We were speechless for a moment and the firing reverberation and explosion of bomb grew louder and louder. The NFE students were appearing test in the football ground, they got scattered in different directions to their homes. The one who was my neighbor came screaming and crying, she said that the war is going on we will die now and said shivering where to go? I said please be clam everything will be alright after sometime but she did not listen to me.
Everybody in the village started moving in one particular direction (people were assigned a place to hide from danger by the head of the village) with hue and cry but funny thing was they were carrying heavy load along with horses. The firing and violence thud continued growing, I did not let step mother to follow them, even father-in-law and cousin brother, we sat together and watched the scene but could not help them because they did not listen to us. We could also watch the cloud of smoke rising from the campsite of those terrorist on the other side of the hill. We were speechless and worried about the relatives those gone for the business towards Nganglam.
An hour later, few of the relatives return back and they said no sooner did they reach Kangrizee (hill that separate our village and Nganglam, also the place where terrorist camps were located), they heard a thunderous sound that made their ear deaf thereafter. After that they heard nothing but only saw number of bullets flying above their heads. The hill (Kangrizee) separated the queue of horses and people. Some return back and some went forward, horses took their own way and people took their own ways. People were clever enough to leave orange load then and there, run to escape but horses were left their own ways with load on their back.
The jet flying over the sky around the terrorist camp kept me worrying. Those who return from the kamgrizee (place where incident occurred) were lucky enough because they could support their kids at home. For those who went down further from kangrizee to Nganglam were unlucky. Some left only kids at home both father and mother did not return. Few left their baby of age ranging from one month to six month. We had difficult time feeding those babies with cow’s milk for a week. Those people who could not cross kangrizee were kept at Nganglam providing lodging and food.  After a week only people were released back to their homes.
The very next day of the incident, the tshogpa (controller of the sub-village) was going to his wabrangsa(cow shed) towards kulamanti(village north of Dechheling) he met a queue of terrorist  coming towards village carrying guns and bumbs and the group consists of all categories, old, young, mother, father and babies. The tshogpa then ran very quickly from the other way to inform arm forces at the head office of the village. The arm forces were ready on the other side of my village (Bapta village). My village and bapta village faces each other with a small river called pelingri in between which means hill to west is my village and hill in the east is bapta village where Peling River runs in between from north to south.
It was around 1:00 PM, the queue of ulpha and bodos family appeared behind my house, I was watching them wordlessly through a small outlet from inside my house along with other friends. We were terrified because men and women were carrying different types of guns and bombs but few women were found carrying babies. They ran through the maize fields and orange orchards some even plucking oranges to eat which indicated they were hungry. They were 34 in numbers. We kept watching them, they were moving toward Nganglam. Reaching down the Peling River they took rest for few minutes even started eating raw maize from the maize field nearby the river. After rest they started climbing up towards bapta village, there we saw their queue changed, three men with gun were moving first keeping almost 10 m between them and then only other followed them. We know that our arm forces are on the attack at the top of the hill.
We kept on watching what would happen next. When they reach the top hill just about to enter bapta village, the gun was fired but we did not know from which part it was. Within a fraction of second the queue disappeared into the bushes, we tried rubbing our eyes to see where they were trouncing but could not, we only saw foot path after firing and it happened once only. A minute later we heard a command from one of the arm personal in Hindi language. “We will fire you and burn you all, come out, make line, everyone hands up, do not handle your equipments’. They started coming out one by one raising their hands up. Then all the arm forces and village men arrested and captured them. Their hands were tied back. The one who was leading the queue was hurt by the bullet on his ankle, medication and aids were provided for him thereof. Their equipments were detained. Three horse loads of guns and three horse loads of bombs were detained from them including number of bullet bags. A cash of 64 thousand rupees were also detained. They were kept a night in the MPH of Dechheling LSS and the next day they were escorted to Nganglam and handed over to India along with equipments and cash.
On the third day of first episode, again another case was reported from kulamanti (village) three more men with gun came to their village. They did halt a night in the Lhakhang (temple) of that village, this time three arm forces were sent toward that village the next morning. Head of the village was informed to release them in the morning. We later heard that firing was started between our soldiers and them on the way. It was lucky for the three of our soldier for they were able to raze them to the ground and buried them into the soil. For about two weeks we the people were asked not to get out of house after 4 o’clock. Each and every corner of the village was occupied by RBA to guide us thereof.
After the third day of the last happening, six gomchens (laymen) were arrested for taking away the thigh bone of the dead bodies buried under ground for the purpose of Kangdung (trumpet). When the nation was facing such circumstances, they were courageous enough to break the law of the land so they were taken behind bar. All the dead bodies were cremated under the law of the land. 
Finally few weeks later we got back into the normal business of day to day programs. This brought peace to the nation relieving the agony that has tortured the motherland so many years. It's all done because of our arms forces and volunteers, we the people salute you bravo.
Cheyi Chari Ngang gi Norbu, you gave us the tears of Happiness and Joy, you resides in our hearts all time to come, I salute you the HERO beyound horizon, you the heart of ours (Lungten chengi Gyalpo). Pelden Drukpa Gyelo Lha Gyelo.

Memory from Bajothang HSS

The award day celebrated on 8th November 2014 in Bajothang Higher Secondary School will be included as historical event in my life history. After I was placed in Bajothang Higher Secondary School as my first job placement after graduation from college, I had been carrying out various responsibilities beside teaching.
Almost all the responsibilities have been rewarding and enriching.
This time the awarded certificate for me is solely credited for the Bumpa house members of 2014 for their hard work and talents.   

Envoy (KANG-THUNG-PA in Tshangla kha)

The lost culture that prevailed during the time where there were no telephone and mobiles services in my village. Whenever the death of the member occurs in the family during the time of bygone days, one or two people have to be sent to inform their relatives. Suppose, if head of the family that is if father or mother dies, he or she might be having his or her father, mother, brothers and sisters at different parts of the world. Without failed, a person or two must be sent as an envoy (KANG-THUNG-PA) to reach the news to all the relatives who may take to walk three to four days.

 However, if the relatives were too far to reach then the news would go unnoticed and may come to discern few years later. If an envoy is not sent after the death of a person, then those relatives would filed up verbal case (heta yang mey) to the live family members and in return they have to do forgiveness for not being able to (Shakpa), which means lending up paying certain sum of case to the death’s relatives. This culture was indispensable during that time since the bond among the relatives would smash up providing no helping hand later on.

How to recognize whether he or she is an envoy, well while going as a messenger (KANG-THUNG-PA) one should take a kabney (male Bhutanese tie) inside KHANANG [pocket created while wearing gho (male Bhutanese dress)] with fringes outside it. If anyone comes across a people with such appearance then it is for sure that someone is died and that person is going as an envoy somewhere.

Although the advancement in technology has helped improved the lifestyle of the people but I think we have had lost remarkable stories behind. This time I took the advantage of my father-in-low to put pen to paper while he was narrating such legacy while we were having cup of ara (local wine) in our leisure time. Therefore I would like to thank him and like to hear from him more to share with all my blog visitors.

A method for speaking test IELTS

If anyone is aspiring to prepare for IELTS speaking test, this is the mock speaking test video and it helps a lot. Please refer to this video if you ever want to appear IELTS exam anywhere at any time. I had been practicing mock test with this video and certainly I could appear my speaking test that was rewarding too. Likewise I did practice same for my listening test and reading test which are there freely available in you-tube.    

Preparation for IELTS

The October has been the busiest month of the year ever. Trial exam going on and the most worrying and scaring task for the upcoming IELTS exam on November 1.
Preparation for the IELTS is not a piece of cake. I have been preparing so far and still I find it difficult and it keeps me worrying.
Four sections of listening test are no more different than driving, where we need to work different skills, listening, analyzing and writing simultaneously at a time.
Three sections of passage is no different than a 100 m race, here we need to skim through the passage to get through 40 questions within 60 minutes.
Two sections of writing task i.e. 2 essays within 60 minutes and three sections of speaking test which last for 14 to 15 minutes.
I wish I had enough time for the preparation but now everything got rushed up at the last minute. May the luck favour me and pray for the God to bless me. However, I will do my best and rest might be taken care automatically.

"Gift of an inestimable Value"

Under the circlet of DLSS I was grown up,
Guided by its principles and the teachers,
Yearning dreams of mine are made come true,
Earnestly I am touch and hurdled by its souvenir,
Noble wisdom must hereafter radiates forever.

December 17th as we celebrate the Golden Jubilee,
Objectively marking 60th Birth Anniversary of 4th King,
Rendering the construction of first ever clock tower,   
Jubilantly bring all the hard work and success together,  
Ignominiously must not linger unaltered latter.

Calling back to the time we enjoyed,
Pertaining to the ideals that we inherited,
Apprehend DLSS had endow us with the life,
We offer our deference and neighborliness.

Let me pay reverence to all the bygone teachers,
As the birds warble notes to the morning air,
My prayers are for the well being of those teachers,
I am thankful for life and the blessings given.

For those departed soul of our great teachers,
I pray for God to keep their soul in his love,
To those now serving the nation with loyalty,
I   bestow a word of cheer and salute for all.

The clout of modernization and democracy,
Cheered by the first ever elected parliamentarian,
All alumni under his wise leadership have matured,
To manifest day with programs being celebrated.

The Negative Call Value

Bhutan telecommunication services had been one of the outmost service providers in the country in regard to telephoning category. There has been so many pros and cons, however, with the coming up of tashicell the unattainable desire of the people has been quenched to certain extend. Above all, I had been using B-mobile services since the eyes of mobile had opened in Bhutan.
I have received so many offers and bonus from Bhutan telecom in each and every important celebrations being observed in our country. One of the interesting offers were happy hours weekends one every Friday of the week. Every Bhutanese were lucky to have such a well settled cooperate. With the modernization in Bhutan telecommunication has been one of the key to connect people in and around the country. In addition, Bhutan as one of the young democracy communication has become the necessary tools to serve its purposes.
On the other hand, looking at the economy of the country, the government had decided to tax the B-mobile users with effect from 1st October, 2014. For every hundred recharged we need to pay Nu. 5/- .if we are buying vehicles we pay tax, for using fuel we pay tax and actually for everything we are paying taxes. I think at present day and age, it is difficult to survive without paying taxes. Now the situation has arrived in the country of young democracy.

Well, I think, I am to stress on the b-mobile services provided so far in Bhutan. So till now, b-mobile services had been the part of Bhutanese live. With the competition given to b-mobile by tashicell, b-mobile has started offering the call value up to negative fifteen in which later on being deducted upon recharging. It was of more advantages and satisfying but now starting from 1st October, 2014 the services has been nowhere.

Now, the question is did Bhutan telecom inform their clients for discontinuing the service? So far, we clients have been receiving notice through sms regarding network maintenance, disrupting of networks, bonus on happy hours and other special offers but this time, I as a client did not receive any information and quarries regarding the prohibition of the negative call value up to 15. I personally want to appeal the concern agency or authority to let the public know the facts about it.

Finally, since the democracy has just budded in a small country like ours, I know that we individual as citizen and son of the country, still we have right to speech and right to information has to be thereof.   

Message to my Mother

I was budded in an underprivileged family. I did not receive well care from my mom, I say this because, I have bad experiences as I grew up without her presence in my infant stage. I am sure she had many wishes and dreams for her infant. I know it was not her intention to depart from me at such stage. 
I knew she loved me very much; she might have scarified her sickness worrying about me. I cannot imagine the pain and the worries she would have had during her illness. The disease would have made her body numbness and the worry about me would have made her speechless. The only wish at the time of her sickness for her was to get alright and recover herself so that she would help me grow up well. 
Dear Mom, I have tried many a time to recollect who you were, from the time I was able to but failed. I remember nothing; it appears blank at all times when I reflect back. If you have not left me early I would have many stories to tell you. Since, I remember things maybe when I was competent enough to do so. 
Mom, I will tell you the story now. When I was five years old somehow it struck my mind and I really sensed it thereafter. Many called me “singza wagtsa” (motherless child) and our family popularly known as “dhugpu” (pitiable) in the community had difficult time to survive even to get “ashum thugpa”(porridge made out of maize residue). That time father and sister would disappear early in the morning yearning for the next meal leaving me and step mother at home. At the end of the day they would sometime return empty hand and of course tired. Many a time they would bring a bag of wild sweet potatoes. This would serve us about three to four days. 
One of the routine of our family, which the neighbor always used to blame on us was on quarreling.  We would not have had peaceful meal at any cost because the ignition of quarrel among father, step mother and sister would gear up during meal time. Sister would serve the meal (wild sweet potatoes) one by one. I did not know the reason but saw them shouting each other. Upsetting of step mother so swift and she would not take the meal (sweet potatoes); the hardly earned meal, sweet potatoes) would remain cold on her plate. 
Finally she would alter a word out of frustration“don’t you get better meals than this?” she said. “We have trough time even to get such meal and with so much of trouble we are serving you. If you are not able to adjust with us you may go back home and have better meals. No objection from me” sister said. Father would not flow his words easily but land up with warning. “Do not complain!, fill in your belly with whatever I provide you” otherwise consequences will not be other than my hands pounding on your head. She was having difficult time to adjust with us. 
Thereafter I came to know that she was new member in our family. After every quarrel she would file up the case with father, she would call her brother to backup her. Slowly she was adapting into the situation. There was no one to care me when father and sister were away from home. She would stay at home and force me to do household chores. 
Few months later she gave birth to a son. I saw myself loitering among friends without having proper attire to wear and home to live. I have to twirl in the domicile of relatives. Father used to reach home late evening from field. To be continued...

She did better this time!

This year my daughter Kezang Chuki, performed her second cultural show on the stage on the night of 26 and 27 of September. I was much overwhelmed when class I A presented their show on the stage. The 15th item that appeared on the stage was 'DESI Boys'. Everyone in the hall screamed out and more over the concerned parents were filled with the tears of happiness, when their kids appeared in disguise on the stage with the unexpected beautiful dance. Thank you, Madam Asha Mongar for grooming our kids and we have seen the success in our kids.
Last year my daughter was in class PP A, during the annual concert she did performed a hindi dance and this year too she was in hindi dance but found bit better because the song has even English features too. However may be the program is, I am really touched with my daughter's performance, thank you teachers for you have trouble so much to invest the values and skills in the minds of our kids. Really it is a toughest job to deal with small kids. I found madam herself investing time for about a month. I salute for the teachers and god will see the truth.
This is what we teacher does and we are paid for. Earning a bread by being teacher has made much more challenging and scary at present by suing some teachers and principals to the court. This is how we are being rewarded. I think behind those  unexpected outcomes, it will have many good reasons for improving and grooming the children. If we really want to impart what we called wholesome education,then one must remember that disciplining student is very necessary in our schools. This is one key for developing a good human being in our society.
On the other hand, we teacher must also know that while disciplining  students, before things becomes complicated its better hand over students to their parents so that it helps in curving the problems and then rest will be taken care.

I am in dilemma

I applied for Master of Science in physics for the scholarship offered by Thailand Internal Cooperation Agency (TICA). I and many friends were short listed and did attend the selection interview. Some attending such interview first time, some for the second time and mine was for the third attempt. I did attend Trongsa Penlopship Scholarship interview in the year 2012 and left in the standby position. I also attended TICA scholarship interview in the year 2013 and landed nowhere in the list. This year also I did not give up my hope and attended TICA scholarship interview. Where there is will, there is a way, seems to be proven this time. I got through the selection interview and has been longing for the date of briefing and departure for my next journey of life. The only way to serve young minds of my country, the only journey that will build my nation, the only way to serve my king, country and people. The only opportunity I would get as a teacher.
However, after submitting required documents and completing all the formalities in the ministry and RCSC, we return to our school to continue our duties teaching as far as monggar but now what happened? We receive a call from the ministry stating that we are asked to submit IELTS certificate. I replied saying I am not having the certificate, what can I do but I was asked to call RCSC for further clarification. But many a time I ring to RCSC but did not receive my call. May be my friends were lucky they did contact RCSC. RCSC person told them they will inform the ministry after confirmation and ministry would contact us in person. We know that this criterion has not been mentioned in the scholarship announcement and also so far this was not needed at all because many of my friends has gone and even came back after doing master from Thailand. This is a situation where we cannot do anything because the date for IELTS test has been closed and if it is open then also we have to come all the way from Monggar leaving back hundreds of students’ behind. For the sack of doing we can come but then it should not affect hundreds of students’ for they are dream maker of the nation. Now I am in dilemma and all other friends too. Those got selected for TPS are departing for their studies to Thailand coming Thursday.
After being selected and completed all required formalities which were mentioned in the scholarship announcement, why this complication? I think our good and farsighted Ministry or RCSC must look into to discover the alternatives. Since our good office is dealing directly from country to country, ministry to ministry and directly with the institutes/universities, you can do it. If the ministry request providing other alternatives such as to submit ELPC (English Language Proficiency Certificate) or find a suitable date for the conduct of the test because since it is international sometimes we find dates are being closed for the year. On the contrary, we got selected and no doubt we have to opt for it. Once in a blue moon we are getting such opportunity and we cannot afford to rebuff our scholarship.
How my colleagues interpret on the complication of the scholarship? I am now very much scare and anxious of losing my scholarship because instead of inspiring and supporting me, they are convincing me saying that “May be there are candidates to whom they want to give the opportunity, If you do not have good background at the ministry level such complication is difficult to understand”. However, I am a man of will and determination, I trust ministry and RCSC in a country of good governance like ours, how can they afford to do that, no, I said because we have filled up the application form, done medical checked up and even by now our names might been reflected in the university. But I am thankful for those friends supporting me saying “no need to worry once you are selected, your scholarship will not be cancelled and ministry will find ways and means to send you anyway”. This is actually what my opinion about it. Why I am urging the alternatives from the ministry is many of us who are selected for the scholarship are not having IELTS certificate and more over I found it was anomalous that was out of the condition mentioned in the scholarship announcement aired on the RCSC website.
 Moreover, I heard from those friends who went last year under same scholarship that we can also do the test after reaching down. And also I heard that RCSC is looking into to let the institute accept the ELPC provided by BCSEA. When such complications arises which is not reinforced before the selection and announcement, instead of worrying the candidates serving in the field, we have lot to do as a teacher. I found it is more convenient for RCSC and Ministry to do the justice. 

Education has no bar and no age limit

Education has no bar and no age limit. When my wife heard that some of her friends were learning English since long time back. She has shown her keen interest to pursue the same.  She has joined class with her friends. The class starts from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM in one of the class at Bajothang HSS lead by a NFE instructor.  She was suggesting me saying that, what about if she joins her friends to learn English? I said that will be a better solution for you. At this present day and age, not knowing how to sign and write name is an embarrassment. This is how you can grow and change. Eventually you will see that sometimes you have a brighter scene on the other side of the world. You will grow stronger from all that you experience. Life is so precious and fragile too. Limiting to this life, as morning dew drop not sure when to vanish, it is very important to make your life awesome and define its meaning. I am happy that you are taking better steps. I will now onwards come home before time so that you can ready to your class session.
I continued my story then, “do you know how I got my education? Besides poor background and family problems, I still manage to get education. I don’t remember my mother. Carried in the womb for nine months and given birth is enough for me. I salute my mother. I guess my father had difficult time to manage and earn for the family, besides sister looking after me and brother attending school. Yearning for better family scene he might have opted for his second wife.  During that time, I guess I was five years old and knew to interpret everything. She gave birth to a baby boy and later on became my step brother, which I use to consider no more than my own brother. When I saw friends of my age enrolling into the school, I cried like anything, because I wanted to go to school but my father refused. I was left without schooling for five more years. That many years I have been looking after my step brother. As he grew up we have wonderful time. We played, we fought and we cried.
When my step brother was six years old, I was eleven years old. He was lucky this time because father wanted him to go to school. On March 10th 1992, father was taking him to the school. I ran after them and cried like anything, because I wanted to join school. Head master and teachers were kind enough and comforted me saying that they will look into the situation. But, that time age limit for enrolling in the school was 9 years. I was eleven years and I guess admission committee member, I still remember sir PELA. He has rejected me since my age was more than the age limit. Since I was genuinely interested, my father went to the BHU and did change my date of birth. After that I was enrolled in preprimary. This is how I started my education. Even now our government preferred and continues to provide free education. Our age and present age is totally different. So it will be wise on your part to proceed ahead.
Now she has been to the class thrice. She can writes 26 alphabets correctly. Know to spell words like morning, afternoon and evening. She has started a journey of thousand miles by a single step. She has regrets over missing her education. However, not to have regret, she is taking hold of the freedom being offered. I wish her good luck.

Scanning through the window

Sitting and glancing through the casement.
Burgeoning flowers seems so tender and fragile.
Convincing its departure and ambiguity.
Reminds me of immortal existence and death.

Tender leaves rejoicing the sanitary atmosphere.
Has no supremacy and last no more than a season.
Morning dew has no time to sparkle and does so our life.
Reminds me whether moneyed or broke has one destiny.

Unremitting surge of river sever the valleys leisurely.
Boundless human desire rules over the insubstantial life.
Birth is bound to the grace of god and so does death.
Reminds me that time is illicit and envious to life.  

Discrepancy prevails in creation so does to life.
Sun is honored than moon and stars in the universe.
Wealthy and potent are esteemed than deprived ones in life.
Reminds me of blessed life and wretched life.

Dream Never dreamT beforE

I would like to thank the school administration for supporting through the process of my preparation  for the scholarship from 2010 till 2014. Finally the luck has favoured me and may be I am the luckiest among many since I got through the selection interview for TICA scholarship. As of now almost all the formalities are being processed and eagerly  waiting to hear the briefing date and date of departure from RCSC. Particularly, I want to salute for the Principal and the other two vice-principals for lending full hand support during the time of need. They have never been reluctant to support me in any way. This would be one of the memorable administrative support from such wise and farsighted leaders of school. To accomplished success in everything we desire for, support of leaders from the grassroot level is very mandatory. I am grateful  to two ADM assitant for their indigenous support rendered during the time of application. I also would like to thank all other teachers who has been very supportive and inspiring me to pursue further study.
One of the very special support that I like being in Bajo HSS is the Internet services provided in the school. Thank you Sir Passang Tshering for developing IT park in the school. You are doing great for the school, thumbs up!. Not to forget internet services were also provided by i-school, therefore I would like to thank MoE for selecting Bajo HSS as one of the i-school.
This will be my first and last privilege to go out of my country which is a dream I would have had dreamt after becoming a teacher.

Minutes of DLSS G.Jubilee

Minutes of the 1st meeting
50 yrs of Golden Jubilee Celebration 2014, Dechenling Lower Secondary School
Dzongkhag: Wangduephodrang
Date: July 20, 2014
Day: Sunday
Venue: RNR-RDC Bajo Office

Dawa  Gyeltshen, Pema Thinley, Dawa Zangpo, Ugyen Dorji, Tenzang Wangdi, Kinga  Jamtsho, Phurpa Tshering, Kezang Chhophel, Dechen Tshering, Tshewang Rinzin, Phuntsho Euden, Pema Tshomo, Sonam Chhozom, Dorji Gyeltshen, Karma Wangda.
Event date
The proposed date on November 01, 2014 for Golden Jubilee celebration does not coincide any of the important or national events. The second Option planned on November 11, 2014 although has bigger significance. Since it falls on the Birth Anniversary of His Majesty, 4th Druk Gyalpo andGross National Happiness Day (GNH), most of the alumni especially teachers & mothers cannot make to the celebration on November 11, 2014 because of coinciding peak annual school examination. In lieu of it, the house has proposed another date on December 17, 2014 since this is ideal for all alumni besides its significance as National Day and can also be dedicated to commemorate the 60th Birth Anniversary Celebration of 4th Druk Gyalpo.
Contribution slab        
The fund contribution slab proposed by earlier meetings seems bit preemptive without proper basis provided to ascertain expected over all expenditure to be incurred during the proposed celebration. The tentative contribution slab could have been fixed based on the expected expenditure on the categorical number of programs/sub-program and for that matter even at the activity level, divided by the expected number of alumni and of course without undermining the low income level bracket as explicit in the earlier meetings. In view of it, the house appeals if the National Steering Committee could revisit the proposed contribution slab once again considering the above suggestions into account. The fund contribution by individual alumni, hence, could be considered only after receiving Bank Account Number and confirmation as proposed/suggested above.
Project/ Corporation slab        
It was appealed by the Project/Corporate officials that unlike
apropos if the Contribution slab for them could also be considered at par with the civil servants position title/Grade.             
Signatory to attorney
The signatory attorney to the immediate sub-ordinate in absence
of President, Secretary General and Finance Secretary reflected in the second minutes of meeting at serial No.7 need to be identified in order to be able to shoulder transparency and accountability.
Every individual alumni and their family aspiring to attend the
Proposed 50 yrs of Golden Jubilee Celebration must arrange their own transportation/Logistics. This proposal is to help reduce unnecessary additional expenditure on the celebration budget/fund collection.
The alumni from Wangduephodrang Dzongkhag has assured to contribute at least with four articles for the proposed magazine.
Recognition/Medal/Certificate  :
It was also proposed either recognition certificate or Medal to the
1st Head Master/Principal, 1st Dasho Dungpa,1st Azhang Gup, when Dechenling School was conceptualized in 1964. The recognition Certificate/Medal may also be proposed to the 1st batch of graduates who passed from Dechenling school since its inception in 1964.
Utilization of Resources                       :
Considering financial economy, physical resource economy, and
most importantly  time economy, the house applaud the national Starring Committee for their  endeavor and taking advantage of modern ICT Technology, enabling access through emails, face books and websites without using bulky papers and expensive communication medias at large
Judicious use of fund/Expenditure:     
It was suggested that the collected fund, as far as possible, must
be handled judiciously, minimizing unnecessary expenditure during meetings and uninvited  solicitations.
Invitation of outside guest        :          
Mr. Kinga Namgyel (Ex-Teacher)  Damchethang RCR,
Wangduephodrang, Bidhan (Ex-Teacher) Nobding LSS, Wangduphodrang. Pema Chodar (Ex- Teacher) Dashiding MSS.
List of DLSS alumni from Wangduephodrang Dzongkhag
Name of Alumn
Email Address
Contact Number
Dawa  Gyeltshen,

Pema Thinley
Dawa zangpo
Tshewang Rinzin

Ugyen Dorji
Tenzin  Wangdi

Kezang Chhophel
Phurpa Tshering

Kinga  Jamtsho
Dechen Tshering

Karma Wangda

Dorji Gyeltshen

Pema Tshomo

Phuntsho Eden

Sonam chhozom

Phuntsho Deki

Courtesy:  Dawa Zangpo RNRRC                                   

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