She did better this time!

This year my daughter Kezang Chuki, performed her second cultural show on the stage on the night of 26 and 27 of September. I was much overwhelmed when class I A presented their show on the stage. The 15th item that appeared on the stage was 'DESI Boys'. Everyone in the hall screamed out and more over the concerned parents were filled with the tears of happiness, when their kids appeared in disguise on the stage with the unexpected beautiful dance. Thank you, Madam Asha Mongar for grooming our kids and we have seen the success in our kids.
Last year my daughter was in class PP A, during the annual concert she did performed a hindi dance and this year too she was in hindi dance but found bit better because the song has even English features too. However may be the program is, I am really touched with my daughter's performance, thank you teachers for you have trouble so much to invest the values and skills in the minds of our kids. Really it is a toughest job to deal with small kids. I found madam herself investing time for about a month. I salute for the teachers and god will see the truth.
This is what we teacher does and we are paid for. Earning a bread by being teacher has made much more challenging and scary at present by suing some teachers and principals to the court. This is how we are being rewarded. I think behind those  unexpected outcomes, it will have many good reasons for improving and grooming the children. If we really want to impart what we called wholesome education,then one must remember that disciplining student is very necessary in our schools. This is one key for developing a good human being in our society.
On the other hand, we teacher must also know that while disciplining  students, before things becomes complicated its better hand over students to their parents so that it helps in curving the problems and then rest will be taken care.

I am in dilemma

I applied for Master of Science in physics for the scholarship offered by Thailand Internal Cooperation Agency (TICA). I and many friends were short listed and did attend the selection interview. Some attending such interview first time, some for the second time and mine was for the third attempt. I did attend Trongsa Penlopship Scholarship interview in the year 2012 and left in the standby position. I also attended TICA scholarship interview in the year 2013 and landed nowhere in the list. This year also I did not give up my hope and attended TICA scholarship interview. Where there is will, there is a way, seems to be proven this time. I got through the selection interview and has been longing for the date of briefing and departure for my next journey of life. The only way to serve young minds of my country, the only journey that will build my nation, the only way to serve my king, country and people. The only opportunity I would get as a teacher.
However, after submitting required documents and completing all the formalities in the ministry and RCSC, we return to our school to continue our duties teaching as far as monggar but now what happened? We receive a call from the ministry stating that we are asked to submit IELTS certificate. I replied saying I am not having the certificate, what can I do but I was asked to call RCSC for further clarification. But many a time I ring to RCSC but did not receive my call. May be my friends were lucky they did contact RCSC. RCSC person told them they will inform the ministry after confirmation and ministry would contact us in person. We know that this criterion has not been mentioned in the scholarship announcement and also so far this was not needed at all because many of my friends has gone and even came back after doing master from Thailand. This is a situation where we cannot do anything because the date for IELTS test has been closed and if it is open then also we have to come all the way from Monggar leaving back hundreds of students’ behind. For the sack of doing we can come but then it should not affect hundreds of students’ for they are dream maker of the nation. Now I am in dilemma and all other friends too. Those got selected for TPS are departing for their studies to Thailand coming Thursday.
After being selected and completed all required formalities which were mentioned in the scholarship announcement, why this complication? I think our good and farsighted Ministry or RCSC must look into to discover the alternatives. Since our good office is dealing directly from country to country, ministry to ministry and directly with the institutes/universities, you can do it. If the ministry request providing other alternatives such as to submit ELPC (English Language Proficiency Certificate) or find a suitable date for the conduct of the test because since it is international sometimes we find dates are being closed for the year. On the contrary, we got selected and no doubt we have to opt for it. Once in a blue moon we are getting such opportunity and we cannot afford to rebuff our scholarship.
How my colleagues interpret on the complication of the scholarship? I am now very much scare and anxious of losing my scholarship because instead of inspiring and supporting me, they are convincing me saying that “May be there are candidates to whom they want to give the opportunity, If you do not have good background at the ministry level such complication is difficult to understand”. However, I am a man of will and determination, I trust ministry and RCSC in a country of good governance like ours, how can they afford to do that, no, I said because we have filled up the application form, done medical checked up and even by now our names might been reflected in the university. But I am thankful for those friends supporting me saying “no need to worry once you are selected, your scholarship will not be cancelled and ministry will find ways and means to send you anyway”. This is actually what my opinion about it. Why I am urging the alternatives from the ministry is many of us who are selected for the scholarship are not having IELTS certificate and more over I found it was anomalous that was out of the condition mentioned in the scholarship announcement aired on the RCSC website.
 Moreover, I heard from those friends who went last year under same scholarship that we can also do the test after reaching down. And also I heard that RCSC is looking into to let the institute accept the ELPC provided by BCSEA. When such complications arises which is not reinforced before the selection and announcement, instead of worrying the candidates serving in the field, we have lot to do as a teacher. I found it is more convenient for RCSC and Ministry to do the justice. 

Education has no bar and no age limit

Education has no bar and no age limit. When my wife heard that some of her friends were learning English since long time back. She has shown her keen interest to pursue the same.  She has joined class with her friends. The class starts from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM in one of the class at Bajothang HSS lead by a NFE instructor.  She was suggesting me saying that, what about if she joins her friends to learn English? I said that will be a better solution for you. At this present day and age, not knowing how to sign and write name is an embarrassment. This is how you can grow and change. Eventually you will see that sometimes you have a brighter scene on the other side of the world. You will grow stronger from all that you experience. Life is so precious and fragile too. Limiting to this life, as morning dew drop not sure when to vanish, it is very important to make your life awesome and define its meaning. I am happy that you are taking better steps. I will now onwards come home before time so that you can ready to your class session.
I continued my story then, “do you know how I got my education? Besides poor background and family problems, I still manage to get education. I don’t remember my mother. Carried in the womb for nine months and given birth is enough for me. I salute my mother. I guess my father had difficult time to manage and earn for the family, besides sister looking after me and brother attending school. Yearning for better family scene he might have opted for his second wife.  During that time, I guess I was five years old and knew to interpret everything. She gave birth to a baby boy and later on became my step brother, which I use to consider no more than my own brother. When I saw friends of my age enrolling into the school, I cried like anything, because I wanted to go to school but my father refused. I was left without schooling for five more years. That many years I have been looking after my step brother. As he grew up we have wonderful time. We played, we fought and we cried.
When my step brother was six years old, I was eleven years old. He was lucky this time because father wanted him to go to school. On March 10th 1992, father was taking him to the school. I ran after them and cried like anything, because I wanted to join school. Head master and teachers were kind enough and comforted me saying that they will look into the situation. But, that time age limit for enrolling in the school was 9 years. I was eleven years and I guess admission committee member, I still remember sir PELA. He has rejected me since my age was more than the age limit. Since I was genuinely interested, my father went to the BHU and did change my date of birth. After that I was enrolled in preprimary. This is how I started my education. Even now our government preferred and continues to provide free education. Our age and present age is totally different. So it will be wise on your part to proceed ahead.
Now she has been to the class thrice. She can writes 26 alphabets correctly. Know to spell words like morning, afternoon and evening. She has started a journey of thousand miles by a single step. She has regrets over missing her education. However, not to have regret, she is taking hold of the freedom being offered. I wish her good luck.

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