Scanning through the window

Sitting and glancing through the casement.
Burgeoning flowers seems so tender and fragile.
Convincing its departure and ambiguity.
Reminds me of immortal existence and death.

Tender leaves rejoicing the sanitary atmosphere.
Has no supremacy and last no more than a season.
Morning dew has no time to sparkle and does so our life.
Reminds me whether moneyed or broke has one destiny.

Unremitting surge of river sever the valleys leisurely.
Boundless human desire rules over the insubstantial life.
Birth is bound to the grace of god and so does death.
Reminds me that time is illicit and envious to life.  

Discrepancy prevails in creation so does to life.
Sun is honored than moon and stars in the universe.
Wealthy and potent are esteemed than deprived ones in life.
Reminds me of blessed life and wretched life.

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