who waits for me

He is two years now. What I am surprised about is, at this age he does not leave me alone and he does not want to be alone even at any instant of time. In the morning when I am off to my duty he is left crying because he wants to go along with me. During lunch time he will be eagerly waiting and looking through the window. When he just see me appearing just below the road, with delightful face he starts calling APA………….APA……… I get inspired seeing him. He is the source of inspiration for me and above all he is everything for me. But as I reach home, he will be standing right at the door with smiling face. He waits stills I unclothes myself but  then again he starts calling me Apa….Apa………about to be crying. Such cases were repeated many a times during lunch and after school. What is the reason behind? All his inspiration and smiley face shown has only one reason, that’s he want me to bring something to eat.

After school when I reach home, my baby boy wants to go for ride. He is much interested in moving out of home. Is it that I am keeping him always inside or am I outing him most?  At this age outing is everything for him.  To be continued…………………..

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