The currency value

The cost of onions and tomatoes in the vegetables market has been hiked beyond acception. Forget the cost hike of other commodities, it has gone beyond its horizon. I just wana to stress about the cost of tomatoes. Here in Wangduephodrang, the cost of tomatoes per kilogram is ngultrum 150/- as of today. Taking one thousand bugs enable me just to fetch a small bag of vegetables. Wow! Really is it the advance growth in the country’s economy or is it that the country is trailing its economy. Before 2008 a kilogram of tomatoes cost ngultrum 15/- where as now 150/-. There is fluctuation to the value of currency within. Now ngultrum 1000/- note just equalizes Nu. 100 before 2008. During my training period I was able to survive with 1500/- bugs stipend but now I am having difficult time to survive hand to mouth with 15000/- bugs. After 10 years, there will be 10,000 note to equalize the present 1000 note... and 20 to 30 years from now, we might need to carry a sack of money to buy one small thing.

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