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This year one of the class among class 9 is learning differently. Unlike usual teaching learning process, they are learning through video conference which includes Pelkhil HSS, Khasadrapchu HSS, Tendu HSS, P/ling MSS, Khuru MSS and Bajothang HSS. Pelkhil HSS is the Master School, teaching is done from this school and other schools are participating school. Here student can clear doubt and interact among the participating schools. The teachers of the participating schools will guide the students in the classroom.
Of course the teaching is happening for few subjects, I am also not sure whether it will be successful or not successful in future. We keep on facing constraints like light fluctuation, audio variation and visibility of the power point presentation. I am little bit worried about the syllabus coverage since the teaching is bit slow, however hopping it will accelerate as it proceed in future.
Sometimes all the school cannot come together due to network problems. It is an Ad hoc program and I see we are experimenting now. Even in those countries with advance technology might not be implementing it.  I am bit worried about the education system in Bhutan. What type of expertise we have in our system. Do we really be far sighted and see the other side of the world. You see now the implication of new English curriculum across the level. The marks obtained by the student in the board exams are low, may be some high but when you find average marks it will be not that satisfactory.

Another one is the Canadian mathematics which is introduced below class ten levels. I hate this curriculum because it degrades the knowledge of our student. This is what I feel and it’s my personal say. The education system in Bhutan has to be the very best and the strongest one so that the talks on the quality of education must not arise and be the public debate on it.

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