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“Home is a place for love and happiness not for violence” RENEW
With due and humble respect to your good office that has been an inspiring admiration to the women of Bhutan and beyond I would like to bring to your notice the prolong violence against my sister in the village. My sister who is illiterate was married long time back to a village man. The man has been frequently abusing her verbally and brutally. Even after budding couple of children he never seems to improve. She manage herself to bring up those two kids while one attains school besides sustaining herself  from hand to mouth he never seems to have the sense of responsibility as a father.
Almost a year he was away from home working under subcontractors as labour. The wage earn was never given to support his family instead he started disregarding the family leading to deprivation of my sister.  He was then found working in and around Nganglam and the reason for ignoring his family was a reason. The reason was his relatives and ours have found that he was accompanying another lady. They even halt nights in hotels and working camps in which he was caught red handed.
This has further more demoralized my sister as women. For the purpose of solution we did inform the Gewog administration and even made the mediation stating that he would never repeat again and to hold up the family business thereof as usual.
Even after that negotiation, still this brutal man never seems to improve. He continued with same spirit. This time he went out from Ngnaglam black mailing my sister through calls that he stays in s/Jongkhar and sometimes in assam and even said that he was staying with step wife. Once he even asked that lady to talk with my sister to gear up a quarrel.
After having the known the prejudice I and my two brothers have tried to console him through call several times stating the dos and dons but irrespective of what is being said he did switched off the phone changing SIM.
There after we were unable to contact him almost six months. Later I heard from my wife’s relative residing in Gelephu. He was found with a lady with two kids. I asked them to take a snap but failed.
We kept on dialing his number frequently but failed many a time. Last winter I went in the village to solve the case but could not reach him through calls. However, later we came to know he was somewhere at Gomther in S/Jongkhar with another lady. Due to some important task I have to anyway return back.
Still then I kept on dialing his number and on January 16 or 17 I could connect him finally. This time coincidentally his grandfather passed away in the village. I told him to it is his duty to attend the funeral of grandfather as grandson. That time he told that he was already planning to come home.  And on January 20, 2015 I got information from my sister that he arrived at home. I did call him and insisted him to stay in the village. Relatives, his mother and sister also scolded him for his disregard and asked not to repeat and to stay home only. Never a penny spent for the welfare of the family. Last time my sister was calling to me stating that she was given a blow to the side of her chest for refusing to accept his will. She could not sleep well besides her household chores.
This man has even verbally warned them stating he will kill and finish of everything at home. I even heard that he was trying to sexually brutalize her that night and she had to spend a sleepless night. Still then she had been staying at home faithfully taking care of two kids.
I called my younger brother at the village to look into the case. He did approach to the Gewog administration twice but failed to solve the case. After three weeks this man again headed towards S/Jongkhar. On 23 February he came back home accompanying his step wife. My innocence sister was charged to serve them foods and drinks. Now we can’t imagine the situation fights and quarrels with gear up at home.
Still my younger brother is trying to file up the case with Gewog administration. He also went to see the situation at sister’s place with Tshogpa. The gewog administration has decided to forward the case to the Dungkhag court since they could not solve the case.
He has really become a monster at home by accompanying another wife beside the refusal from all the relatives. If it the case and if we do not fix such man soon then I think it is not fare on our part to avoid violence against women in Bhutan.

Therefore I would like to seek helping hand from your good and farsighted office since anything can happen at any time at this juncture of time. I look forward to hear from your office.

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  1. Mr. Ugyen I am in deleima whether your letter is based on true story or it is illusionary based. If it is true, you must immediadtely look for the solution. Better dial 113 if he failed to respond to your call. Also report the matter to RENEW.


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