The Magic Rice

It was on the third day of Songkarn festival, my friends and I went out to celebrate the day. There was an area allocated at the front door of the central world (shopping complex) where artificial bubbles out of water were blown over the place. People just need to get into the place and pop up their exaggeration with the celebrities on the stage. Reluctantly my friends and I were accompanied along by few other Japanese friends, indeed they were the one's who invited. We got into the area and started the water festival celebration. Ah.. I had tough time managing my spatial skills to demo myself to prove I could also shakes like them. Every half an hour a new group would occupy the place for celebration. We took rest for sometime and departed with hi bye. During this festival you don't need to know each other even a stranger would pour and shoot water at you, so you need to get ready with your water gun. By the time you get home you would be already soaked with water.
You would be wondering by now why I am not emphasizing on about the magic rice, it was during this day I got totally soaked with water and finally saw my iphone too soaked with water.
I was panic with my phone. I could not do anything instead I connected to charger and attempted many times to restart by pressing the power button but  turns out to be ineffective which actually I was not suppose to do as it could lead to short circuit and further damage it. By the time it was evening I could not do anything. The next day I rushed to the retailer where I found it was closed. I never wanted it to be repaired by other retailer because I wanted it to be repaired by the same retailer from where it was bought.
I was disconnected a day and a night now, so I thought why can't I look for solution in the web because iphone is bit completed to be handled. While browsing through the  web I saw many cases like mine and I found two solution. One of the method was to keep the iphone fully covered in the silica gel for two to three days and then to restart it, but it was difficult for me to get the silica gel.
The other method I saw was to keep the soaked iphone in the rice fully covered in a air tight container for about 48 hours. I opted for this method. First I filled the container with rice and inserted my iphone into the rice in a bit slanting angle. I could not wait for 48 hours, however I manage to keep it for 24 hours. I was still panicking so I thought if it is still not working I would prefer to see the retailer. I took it out of rice after 24 hours and pressed the button but didn't, I connected to the charger. Wow this time it started as normal, I checked camera and other setting and it worked. This is the Magic of rice. Really it helped me guys! I hereby acknowledge all clients who have had shared the ideas and solutions in the web.

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