My Hometown

Dechheling– A valley of profound happiness
It is located about 40 km (estimated) distance north to Nganglam with Nganglam - Pemagatshel foot way running right through the valley. It is a clustered place with Dungpgu and Ngangray to the west, Martsala and Baapta in the East, Kholomri and Dungchelo to the north, villages with not too far apart from each other. The only river Pelingri runs down towards south right from the heart of the valley.

 Dechhelingpas are mostly humble, simple, hand-to-mouth and not very ambitious. All most all types of food crops and cash crops are cultivated by the people. Among all crops, maize and soybeans are the main food crop. Orange is the main cash crop but due introduction of Dungsum Cement Project, the growth of orange trees are declining. Now a days people there have started living urban life with little earning. Due to this dechhelingpas have even stop cultivating rice. People there typically speak sharchops which are quite different from the real sharchops. Probably most sharchops may not understand it. May be the spoken language has originated from sharkhalaktang because it resemble somewhat with it. Most of the houses are made of wood, bamboo and banana leaves. Now as the government and time has changed people there are changing and development are under progress.
Me as a student 
I was brought up in Dechheling, never being able to go out of its cocoon till I was 19 after which I finished my primary schooling from Dechheling Lower Secondary School. (I was admitted to school when I was only 11 years old!). Since I was the oldest and biggest, teachers used to appoint me as class captain. One funny thing I remember is, when my class member asks permission to go for toileting, I never used to send them unless one promises to bring me an eraser, a pencil or roasted maize and soybeans the next day.  haha…. During that time I was a excellent student where I got outstanding position i.e First position from classes, PP, I, II, III, IV, V, VI(74.3%), VII(2nd) and VIII(63%). I am not boosting myself because in a country of blind one eyed man is a king. 
Since I was academically sound many teachers liked me but on the other side of the coin wow I can’t imagine many girls were rushing after me. I used to get lot many girlfriends. Because of this I was canned in the assembly by the head master, I still remember his name Mr. Rinchen Gyeltshen. We used to have suggestion box in the school right in front of the office, however instead of leaving suggestion, those student who were jealous of me, what they did was they wrote the names of the couple and kept in the suggestion box. That’s why I was canned.
On the other hand it did not prevent me making girlfriend, when I was in class VIII, I made four girl friends. Now all of them are married and I too have two kids.  Thereafter, I was a boarding student in Sarpang (IXB 1st Position), (XC 3rd). When I was in class X, I did approach one girl but she rejected me, she is none other than Migma Dema Sherpa. Sakumtala Leepcha was one who had been admiring me but we could not be one. Thereafter in Zhemgang(XI Pure Science), (XII ISCE 67%) In class XI and XII I did not make any. Then one year apprentice in Trashiyangtse( Tshaling CPS) and then to Paro college of Education (Bachelor of Education Secondary). In my training period I did make one.

Currently I am a teacher in Bajothang Higher Secondary School. Now I have a small family.
Phanzor (A hill where prayer flags are being set), my birth place
My village. (Phan means prayer flag and zor means hill), consisting of 5-6 households, just lying at the base of Ngangraygonpa. I always feel the place too close and attached to me. It will never go out of me, not at least in my life time. Who would? After all it is my home town.
Meme Luchei ata was to be considered as head of the village. Every time when we got sick we used to seek help from him, he was only the doctor there during that time. If there were celebrations and festival we should consult him and offer him first, otherwise he used to get annoyed and scold us, and he was the boss there. However, he passed away a year back. I pray for his eternal peace and pray that he will come back soon as to serve people like us. 
My Family History 
My family background cannot be dug out as generations has been passed, however for the future reference of my kids I would like to states few information here. A family that had difficult time to survive hand to mouth was lead by a father named BOGAR and his wife PEMA CHODEN. They had maybe four kids where one got deceased and I was the youngest. I latter heard that when I was three years my mother got expired from poisoning. I tried to remember seeing mother at that age but I could not, so I have not seen my mother. My father, a simple man by nature , he had been supporting a lot but maybe I was too small to understand all abstract of life, later on he bought second wife. I did not have any idea about it. Someone said that I was a small kid and whenever he need to go for field works, there was no one to look after me, so that was his intent for the next attempt. Maybe I was 4 years that time, I have seen step mother carrying a baby boy, I don’t remember any information about it but I clearly remember the day when whole family went to stepmother’s parents residence carrying a whole dead body of a pig for the child birth celebration (This was a custom in olden days where after the birth of the child in the husband’s place, one should take child to wife’s parents with compulsorily killing one pig and carryout  the birth celebration around three to four days in wife’s parent residence).  Here the child that time was none other than my younger brother Kelzang Chedup, he is a teacher now.

We are four now, elder sister Dorji Zangmo got married to Pema Namgyel and they have two kids, both are farmer. Elder brother Guru Tenzin got married to Lungten Wangmo with two kids. He is a masion in KHPC Gyelposhing. Younger brother Kezang Chedup married to Sherab Zangmo with two kids. He is a teacher in Dechheling LSS Nganglam. I am married to Kinzang Choden and have two kids. I am also a teacher in Bajothang HSS in wangdue.

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