One of the awaited dreams of the civil servants is still pending. The second parliament has left the salary revision to the mercy of second pay commission. With hundred and one reasons it was defended on the basis of economic crisis in the country. Few days back there were rumors out to the public through media, however later the finance minister through the media again made the point clear stating that there has not been any discussion on the pay revision.
If discussions are not happening then what is the use of keeping the public awaited. People thought that you have better ideas because while making
your campaign you have stated that the salary revision will be enough to be done from  and within the country's generated income. I even heard and seen through the television assurance made by the government. There is a saying in Dzongkha “Lotoe pai migi hingku”, that’s what the present scenario exactly seems to be.

The prizes of commodities go on fluctuating day by day. Recently cost of many commodities has ascended. To note few, a kg of amul cheese now cost around 440/- which was around 393/- previously and 800 g of milk(everyday) now cost around 400/- which was 342/- previously. This might have left our poor and innocent people in the country to stop consuming it and many more as they could not afford to get one. For upper class people it makes no difference. We as an innocent citizen we regret know that we are being cheated by a barking dog because barking dog never bites.  
Dear second pay commission of Bhutan, it is high time for you to now revise the salary at any cost. 
  • Economic growth is viewed as essential for improving human life and serves as valuable means-provision of better health care, education and other social services.
We always hope and pray that pay commission will come out with positive aspects so that we achieve the goal of GNH in our country.

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  1. Boss let us hope for the best and eagerly wait for 3rd session.


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