Legacy of my Life

Chapter one
The life was hard for him. He vividly realized when he was four to five years.  He found himself in his group playing in the dust. His runny nose and his sleeve of shirt turn into hard swathe while trying to control his ominous runny nose. Many of his friends were found wearing expensive and beautiful clothes. But his was a shirt resembling gown. He has to cover his whole body with this shirt having difficult time covering his lower abdomen of the body. He has to use same throughout day and night until he gets the next. Even the louse started settling in every hook and corner of his shirt. He has no choice rather than to let them settle as the chilled winter approaches. 

Early in the he has to get few consignment of maize corn from the maize field which is some kilometer away from home. Sometimes dig the maize field till the time approaches for him to go to school. Then he would take his breakfast and go to school. He has another duty, he has to take horse for grazing, and he would look for a green meadow and tethered his horse there. After arriving in the school it will be followed by series of activities. By the time when first period starts he will be so exhausted. However his extreme determination and interest in his study, he would still manage to contemplate the lessons.
The horse would finish grazing and stands looking for the owner to relocate the area.  He will not have time to relax and chat with his friends as he has to run towards his horse for relocation during interval. Even during lunch break he would do the same. After school he would accompany his horse back home. Then the step mother would see the belly of horse to check whether it had enough grazing or not otherwise he would get a dose of rebuke from her. “If you do not feed the horse well, I will not give you meals”.
His mother died when he was three years. He did not remember seeing his mother but later he found he was actually staying with his step mother.(To be continued)

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