"Gift of an inestimable Value"

Under the circlet of DLSS I was grown up,
Guided by its principles and the teachers,
Yearning dreams of mine are made come true,
Earnestly I am touch and hurdled by its souvenir,
Noble wisdom must hereafter radiates forever.

December 17th as we celebrate the Golden Jubilee,
Objectively marking 60th Birth Anniversary of 4th King,
Rendering the construction of first ever clock tower,   
Jubilantly bring all the hard work and success together,  
Ignominiously must not linger unaltered latter.

Calling back to the time we enjoyed,
Pertaining to the ideals that we inherited,
Apprehend DLSS had endow us with the life,
We offer our deference and neighborliness.

Let me pay reverence to all the bygone teachers,
As the birds warble notes to the morning air,
My prayers are for the well being of those teachers,
I am thankful for life and the blessings given.

For those departed soul of our great teachers,
I pray for God to keep their soul in his love,
To those now serving the nation with loyalty,
I   bestow a word of cheer and salute for all.

The clout of modernization and democracy,
Cheered by the first ever elected parliamentarian,
All alumni under his wise leadership have matured,
To manifest day with programs being celebrated.

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