The Negative Call Value

Bhutan telecommunication services had been one of the outmost service providers in the country in regard to telephoning category. There has been so many pros and cons, however, with the coming up of tashicell the unattainable desire of the people has been quenched to certain extend. Above all, I had been using B-mobile services since the eyes of mobile had opened in Bhutan.
I have received so many offers and bonus from Bhutan telecom in each and every important celebrations being observed in our country. One of the interesting offers were happy hours weekends one every Friday of the week. Every Bhutanese were lucky to have such a well settled cooperate. With the modernization in Bhutan telecommunication has been one of the key to connect people in and around the country. In addition, Bhutan as one of the young democracy communication has become the necessary tools to serve its purposes.
On the other hand, looking at the economy of the country, the government had decided to tax the B-mobile users with effect from 1st October, 2014. For every hundred recharged we need to pay Nu. 5/- .if we are buying vehicles we pay tax, for using fuel we pay tax and actually for everything we are paying taxes. I think at present day and age, it is difficult to survive without paying taxes. Now the situation has arrived in the country of young democracy.

Well, I think, I am to stress on the b-mobile services provided so far in Bhutan. So till now, b-mobile services had been the part of Bhutanese live. With the competition given to b-mobile by tashicell, b-mobile has started offering the call value up to negative fifteen in which later on being deducted upon recharging. It was of more advantages and satisfying but now starting from 1st October, 2014 the services has been nowhere.

Now, the question is did Bhutan telecom inform their clients for discontinuing the service? So far, we clients have been receiving notice through sms regarding network maintenance, disrupting of networks, bonus on happy hours and other special offers but this time, I as a client did not receive any information and quarries regarding the prohibition of the negative call value up to 15. I personally want to appeal the concern agency or authority to let the public know the facts about it.

Finally, since the democracy has just budded in a small country like ours, I know that we individual as citizen and son of the country, still we have right to speech and right to information has to be thereof.   


  1. Boss like you I didn't receive any notification or clarification SMS from B-mobile with regard to discontinue with use of negative -15 balance.

  2. I called B-mobile customer care asked why is it so? But they answered me,is what B-mobile did.


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